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10 Foods that burn belly fat and get you a flat tummy

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Belly fat is more than just a wardrobe malfunction. It has become a recurrent problem across the world’s population. Everyone hates it when their abdominal portion bulges out making it evident that you are hiding a blubber of fat under your dress. Well, believe it or not, your body hates it too. Our body actually doesn’t want to store the fat. And no matter how hard you workout or spend hours on aerobics, belly fat just doesn’t disappear if your diet doesn’t brace your efforts. Let’s get started by looking at the reasons why fat is created in first place and then move on to learning the steps to get rid of it.

How fat is actually created ?

Fat is one of the three main macro nutrients required by our body:

  • carbohydrates
  • proteins
  • fat

These three form a stable medium to produce energy required for our bodily functions. When the calorie input to the body is more than what it spends, the excess is stored as fat in the adipose tissues. When fat is created in amounts more than what our adipose tissues can handle, the body has no other option and stores it within the muscle linings. These muscle linings are primarily present in the waist, hips and chest area in the human body. So, now you know why the excess fat does not go to any other portion in the body apart from these.

Why belly fat is created ?

Calorie imbalance: Taking in too many calories and spending out only a part of it is the main reason fat gets created. Our body is a clever machine and all the calories that are left over are converted into fat. Eating food that is high in carbohydrates especially the junk food makes it impossible for the body to burn all the calories sent inside.

Hormonal changes: Women are naturally prone to more changes in hormones than men and this is one of the main reasons why women are more likely to have abdominal fat. During the course of puberty and menopause, the dynamics of hormones are seriously altered and this results in decelerating your metabolism and hence the food is converted into fat and stored in the body.

Genes: Obesity has become a common problem for decades and if it runs in your genes, it shows up at some time or the other and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to prevent it naturally.

Lack of proper Sleep: The world we live in has a larger role in creating the fat in your body than you can even imagine. Disorganized sleep cycles lead to indigestion and it in turn results in gas formation. This pops your belly out and makes it look droopy.

Stress: Stress in any form, work or from personal life is not good for health and it has been proved that humans eat much more than they intend to when under stress. This eventually results in accumulation of fat.

How to get rid of it ?

Well, a smart answer would be to create a calorie deficit as popularly suggested by renowned nutritionists. This can be done in two ways, reducing the calorie intake or increasing the amount of calories spent and in some cases both. More than often it happens that exercising alone is not sufficient to make things happen. A perfect diet plan is also needed to support it. You might be a lover of those fast foods and chocolates, but if you are serious in your effort to truncate that embarrassing waistline, its time for you to give up on those. That said, let’s look into the foods that are helpful in this process and can actually aid you in reaching our goal faster.


Fat Burning Foods

1. Fish: Fish are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, tuna and mackerel are rich in proteins and boost the body’s metabolism. It is advised that you eat fish at least twice a week to get the best benefits.

2. Vegetables: While these are rich in minerals and contain more water, they have a remarkably low calorie content, much lower than the fruits. Cabbage, broccoli, spinach, beans etc. are rich in fibre and have zero fat content in them. Embrace them in your meal for best results.


3. Water: And finally the elixir of life. Have lots and lots of water daily and watch yourself lose fat faster. Water boosts the metabolism of the body by as much as 50% and thus helps in burning fat.

4. Pulses: Pulses contain high quantities of amino acids and are low on calories and fat. Boiled daal is better than fried/spiced.

5. Oats: Most of you might have already known this. Oats are excellent sources of fiber and these curb your hunger and give you the required strength to workout for longer periods. A bowl of oats with a glass of skimmed milk is the best possible breakfast that you can provide your body. One important point to note here is that, while opting to buy for oatmeal, make sure to get the flavorless kind. The flavored oats are chemically processed and contain excess sugar and chemicals.

6. Eggs: Eggs are rich in protein and low in fat and calorie. A boiled egg everyday will provide your body with the required proteins. Other than proteins, it is the anti-oxidants in the eggs that do the magic. The increase the metabolism of the body and result in burning the extra fats.

7. Fruits: Fruits are very low in calorie content and rich in vitamins and minerals. Mark this as a vital food to burn your belly fat. Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, kiwi etc. are excellent fat burners as they boost the metabolism of the body. Also, the acids present in these fruits burn fat faster than their counterparts.


8. Almonds and walnuts: Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids which increases the metabolism of the body. Also, nuts keep your stomach full for a longer time thus reducing the calorie intake.

9. Whey protein: This supplement will reduce weight and burns the fats and help building muscles.
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10. No Sugary foods: As you all know avoid sugary foods.

Belly fat is indeed a monster, but it can be controlled and countered. All you need is a little discipline and some practices to wash it out and reach the perfect shape you have been dreaming of.

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