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5 Things you must remember for a safe hair removal

Written by Marsha

Waxing for hair removal is a ritual that every woman follows just too obediently! Women can’t get more ritualistic than this! After all, no one wants to get caught with hairy arms and armpits. That would be a disaster! However, do you know there are a few hair removal dos and don’ts that you must follow, irrespective of whether you are doing so by waxing, tweezing or anything else! Here are the 5 most important things you must remember for a safe hair removal:

1. Do consider the blade count

I wouldn’t recommend shaving as a good option for hair removal. However, if you must shave – that does happen when someone surprises you with an invitation for a dinner – make sure you use a three-bladed razor, as the new ones with five blades can shave even beneath the skin and cause razor burns and ingrown hair, especially if your skin is sensitive.

2. Do not over-wax

Another important hair removal tip is to avoid waxing the same area again and again. After you wax an area of the skin, some hair is bound to be left over.

Avoid the temptation to wax the same part again as this will only irritate your skin further and increase your chances of getting bumps or ingrown hairs. Instead, try to tweeze the surviving hairs to get a clean finish!

waxing3. Do use the right tools

If you’re the first timer to using wax, apply a tooth-numbing cream to the part you plan to wax at least 30 minutes before waxing. This will, of course, numb the area and ease the “oohs” and “ouchs” of the irritating waxing procedure. You can also dab the area with little baby powder. It will soak up the moisture on the skin, which will help the wax to stick better to the skin.

4. Do not mix formulae

Did you know that there are many types of wax, each one meant for a specific skin type? Also, the wax you have to choose also depends on the body part you intend to use it for.


So, if waxing is the method you are choosing for hair removal, avoid using the same wax for all parts of the body. Instead, match the right wax to the right body part to avoid unnecessary tweezing!

5. Do exfoliate the skin

The major concern of hair removal is the bumps that appear on the skin after waxing and shaving. Nevertheless, preventing these bumps is not too difficult. Just remember to exfoliate your skin the night before. You can also try using a jute brush to gently brush your skin to remove the dead cells so as to prevent the bumps and ingrown hairs.

We all know that hair removal is a wonderful tool to make the skin look desirable, though it causes a lot of pain due to the burns from hot wax or the nicks from shaving. These helpful dos and don’ts will surely make your life easier and your skin spotless after the hair removal ritual!

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