8 Reasons You Feel Tired Every Day and Solutions

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Individuals tend to wonder why they grow so tired throughout the rest of their working day. By the time the clock is hitting 3pm, they barely can’t find their feet to walk from one place to the other. What’s more, this fatigue gets into a never-ending cycle where they feel this way everyday of the week. However, what they might not be aware of is the underlying cause for this unusual fatigue.

The following are just a few reasons why people grow so tired by the day — worst still, without an apparent reason from the individual’s perspective.

1. The comfortable office chair

The boss ensures that the workplace is comfortable for everyone, hence they go an extra mile to provide comfy desks and chairs for all their employees. However, this has the effect of making the user of that chair very tired. It’s like siting on a car seat, going for a long non-stop journey. At the end of that journey, one feels tired even though they were not physically working or engaging their brains other than feeling the car’s motion.


According to the Founder of “King Bio”, Dr. Frank King, individuals sitting for extended periods of time tend to engage their bodies into idle mode. This sacrifices on the amount of oxygen and blood flow that reaches the brain. As a result, the person starts yawning and feeling tired, thanks to the effects of poor blood circulation.

To rectify this, individuals are advised to take a short walk since any kind of movement will enhance blood circulation, thus lowing blood pressure. As a result, they can begin feeling their energy returning back.

2. A disorganized work surface

The moment individuals stare at their work desks, they immediately grow tired without any apparent reason. The fact that too may papers and other items are staring at them makes them tired since it reminds them of what needs to be done.


According to an expert professional organizer Fay Wolf, the brain will never comprehend and present to work when there’s no order. Therefore, the best way to deal with such a menace is to reserve the work desk for tasks that need to be accomplished, plus tools that will facilitate the completion of those tasks.

In other words, the work desk should only have a PC, tools for completing the job, a pen, a notepad, and related tools. The rest should go into the desk drawer.

For the items that are not used anymore, these can be discarded or thrown away. However, for those that will be used in the near future, they should be marked appropriately to bring some kind of sanity on top of the desk. Individuals should also enlist the help of apps that help them organize their work so they don’t end up working on unfinished tasks every other day. There are free tools that help mark the status of tasks appropriately, and these can prove to be very useful.

3. Breakfast

Breakfast is an important part of the day’s meal, but it should be utilized the right way. If too much of it is taken, especially when heavy food is consumed, it will lead to a sluggish feeling, and this is not good for productivity at the workplace. On the other hand, if breakfast is missed, one’s metabolism may never get that crucial wake-up call in the first place, and this is not good for people who want to watch their weight.


A winning breakfast should be balanced in nutrient content, thus providing the necessary energy needed to sail through the day. Studies also show that people who have healthy breakfasts tend to perform well at work and in school. They also tend to sleep better at night, thus preparing them for the next day’s job.

In order to have a healthy breakfast, it’s recommended that individuals should have whole grains since these foods provide quality carbohydrates which the brain needs for power in the morning. Some protein is also needed for maintaining a healthy blood sugar level throughout the morning. Finally, a handful of fruits should also be consumed in the morning.

A typical healthy breakfast should consist of whole grain cereals mixed with low-fat milk and fruits like berries or a slice of watermelon. There’s also an option for making delicious smoothie with fruits, wheat germ and soy milk.

4. Dehydration

Chances are that people feel tired during the day because they have not consumed enough water. In fact, even the slightest dehydration can make one feel sluggish and sleepy.


The human body is made up of 60% fluid, so anything below that figure will result in a dysfunctional body. Furthermore, when the human body is dehydrated, it tends to trap toxins inside it, and this can bring about fatigue during the day.

5. Depression

Depression makes people feel bad, but it also makes them feel tired. People can also be depressed without knowing it, and it will affect their sleep pattern or make them wake up early in the morning. As a result, this can have the effect of inflicting fatigue later in the day.


Individuals should seek help from their local depression support center or attend self-help groups to make them cope with depression.

6. Restless legs

Restless legs is where an individual gets an uncomfortable feeling in their legs, and this keeps them from sleeping at night. There might also be a deep ache in the legs which causes one to feel overwhelmed with the urge of moving their legs.


Statistics have it that as many as 1 out of 10 individuals will suffer from restless legs at one point in their lives. If this is you, then you will need to treat the underlying cause of the condition.

7. Anxiety

People who are generally anxious will see the condition affecting their daily activities at some point. Even though feeling anxious is considered normal, generalized anxiety disorder can bring fatigue.


Individuals should seek anxiety support services near them to get counseled.

8. Sleep

This condition will cause the throat to narrow down so the patient snores at night. This results in a bad snore and also poor oxygen circulation. And the difficulty experienced during breathing will wake the patient up more frequently meaning they will have a hard time going through their daily activities.


Individuals can use anti-snoring devices to rectify the situation. They can also see a doctor for appropriate advice.

8 reasons you feel tired

Final word

If daytime fatigue is not related to a hidden medical condition, then it can be rectified easily. However, if the opposite is true, the individual will need to seek the services of a medical professional to get their life back on track.

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