8 Tips of promoting a healthier and sound brain

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Brain is the most vital organ in the human body that controls all parts of the body. The brain contains major neurons where they control all the nerve impulses of the body. The brain alters with age and the mental functions changes along with it. Every single bit of movement in our bodies is controlled by our brains due to the presence of nerve cells in our entire body. Therefore, you ought to take it seriously when it comes to maintaining a healthy brain.

According to Harvard Medical school, their doctors speculate that the brain activities help create new connections between nerve cells and in addition help it generate new born cells hence develop neurologically and help build up reserves that prevent against future cell loss.

Well there is no magic pill that keeps your brain active and healthy. You maybe soliloquizing on how to have a healthier brain. Here are some tips of promoting a healthier brain:

Have mental exercise

Research shows that flexing your mental muscles is a major way of improving your brain. Have your brain being stimulated with mental exercises like playing a musical instrument, reading a novel and even playing crossword puzzles. Such activities boost your intelligent quotient (IQ).Moreover these games relax the brain and so this becomes a win-win situation. This is where one gets to relax and at the same time you get to have a healthier brain. This brain-training is a major form of having a healthier brain and thus should be noted.

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Get physical exercise

The most efficient physical exercise of your brain is the aerobic exercise. This is where you brain gets to acquire sufficient oxygen. Not only does aerobic exercise increase brain mass and improve reasoning capacity but also reduces the risks of getting senility. Generally, senility is a mental ability decline that causes difficulties with thinking. Extensive research by the Harvard Medical School reveals that controlled trials in people with mild cognitive impairment proved that the aerobic exercises helped in reducing the decline. Some scientific research evidence also shows that having other exercises like sports and dancing contribute greatly in brain development.

In general, all forms of exercise help lower blood pressure, reduce mental stress, improve cholesterol levels and also prevent diabetes.


Improve your diet

Having a good nutrition greatly improves your brain health. Here are some nutritional diets that Improve brain health:

The B vitamins:

There are three B vitamins that can help lower your homocystein levels; folic acid, B6 and B12. High levels of homocystein have been linked to increase risks of dementia (senility).Sources of the B vitamins include: peas, leafy green cereals, beans and other grains.

Eating the right foods:

This means reduce taking animal products which contain fats and high cholesterol levels. However, provided you get your daily nutritional needs from the USDA’S food pyramid, one should be keen on the quality of the food you eat .In addition, it is said that wild fish like sardine and salmon greatly contribute to brain power. During your shopping, try getting a wild fish (not domestic like tilapia).  Domestic fish may contribute to cognitive impairments. Moreover current scientific research show that diets low in cholesterol and better fats like omega-3 fatty acids of which is comes with protective nutrients of vitamin E and lutein. These nutrients protect the brain cells. Maximize the consumption of omega 3 fatty acids that acts as a which is an essential in the brain that is necessary for the brain development throughout life. A diet rich in omega 3 may event protect most neurological disorders.

Avoid smoking and reduce alcohol content

Smoking is a major speeding factor to get cancer, stroke and heart diseases. In addition it damages brain cells that may lead to serious problems like impaired judgment. Alcohol alters our emotions which alter our thinking by reducing focus, memory and ability to carry out plans. Excessive drinking is a major risk factor of getting dementia. Do not abuse alcohol if you are a drinker. At least limit yourself from drinking too much.

Have a good social status

People with a good social status tend to have low blood pressure and longer life expectancies. Having friends is a good way of strengthening this social status. Friends provide new experiences of learning, getting challenges and even building self esteem. Engaging in fun with friend is a mode of brain relaxation and therefore reduces brain-stress .Research shows regular social activity promotes creation of new brain cells and supports brain repair. It is revealed that people who engaged in interactions have short or no loss memories that those who never interacted.

Improve blood pressure and blood sugar

High blood pressure at early age increases the risk of cognitive decline come the old ages. Exercise regularly to avoid obesity which stimulates chances of high blood pressure. Limit alcohol usage, have proper nutrition and reduce stress to avoid high blood pressure. Never the less improving sugar level reduces the chances of getting diabetes. Diabetes is an important risk factor for dementia.

Control your emotion patterns

You ought to try not being anxious, depressed, sleep-deprived or exhausted. This may lead to future cognitive decline. It is not necessary to get cognitive decline in future but a good brain health needs proper control of your emotions. A restful sleep is actually an important factor. Research has revealed that regular physical activities reduces stress and actually increases your ability to manage stress and eventually leads to an overall better mood.

Reduce calories consumption

High levels of calories increases the risks of getting dementia. Weight control, regular exercises, proper diet and avoiding tobacco are ways of reducing cholesterol levels.

Avoid head damage

The head is a very crucial organ that holds your brain. You should be responsible for keeping your head in shape and avoid physical damage as it can cause mental disfunction .If you care about your brain function; preventing risks of head damage is the most important thing you can do.











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  • The field of Nutritional Psychiatry is relatively new, however there are now extensive observational data confirming the association between diet quality and mental health across countries, cultures and age groups – depression in particular. Here are links to some systematic reviews and meta-analyses: There is much research work to do in this new area, but considering that poor diet is now the leading killer globally and mental disorders account for the largest burden of global disability, the fact that diet appears to play a role in mental as well as physical health (as well as dementia) must be taken very seriously. I have believed, and loudly stated, for a long time that poor nutrition was most probably a leading factor in the mental disease that runs rampant in my family. What I don’t understand is how a few of us seem to be exempt. Perhaps genetic testing should be made less expensive and more available to the general population. Thank you for sharing your article about 8 Tips of promoting a healthier and sound brain.

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