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A 5-step approach for treating calluses and corns on your feet

Written by Marsha

It is estimated that human beings walk almost thousands of thousands steps during their lifetime. Women possibly walk much more than this; considering how much they have to walk when they go out for shopping. Now, all this walking can really beat up your feet a lot. If you are not careful about choosing the right footwear, it can only cause more agony and discomfort for your feet. Obviously, the feet and soles give up when this torture becomes a routine resulting in the formation of calluses or corns. If you have been ignorant about the health and comfort of your feet and as a result, have developed calluses and corns, here’s a step by step approach to get rid of them.

Step 1: Soaking

  • Apple cider vinegar: In the morning, soak a slice of bread in apple cider vinegar so that a fine paste is formed by the night. Apply this paste on the corn and wrap your foot with a plastic bag or a bandage before going to sleep. Rinse the feet next day morning with warm water.
  • Baking soda: Take a bucket of warm water and add to it 3 teaspoonfuls of baking soda. Soak your feet in the water for 20 to 30 minutes so that the dead skin cells are sloughed off.
  • Chamomile tea: Alternatively, you can brew chamomile tea in a kettle and then pour it in a bucket. Soak your feet for 20 to 30 minutes. Then, rinse your feet with water and mild soap to remove the staining from the tea.
  • Epsom salt: This one’s classic! Add Epsom salt in warm water and soak your feet into it for 15 minutes. It will draw out the toxins and soften the corn or the calluses. The salt will also help to scrub off the calluses.

Step 2: Scrubbing

After soaking the feet, use a foot file or a pumice stone to rub away the corn. The warm water will have already softened the corn making it easier for you to rub it down. Then, rub your feet in a firm and vigorous circular movement until the skin appears normal and pinkish in color.


Step 3: Drying

Dry your feet thoroughly using a soft towel and sprinkle cornstarch on the part so that it remains dry. This will help to prevent infections.

towel feet

4 bonus tips to prevent corns and calluses:

  • Keep your feet clean and dry.
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable and fit properly. Remember that calluses are formed when the shape and the size of your shoes are not right for your feet.
  • Wear footwear made of natural materials such as leather as they allow your feet to breathe well.
  • Avoid wearing open-toe sandals as they are more likely to cause corns.
  • If you are regular at jogging or walking, apply petroleum jelly on the trouble spots such as the heels to minimize friction.

Having soft and healthy feet is as important as having a beautiful skin. It is especially more important when you are ready to show off your feet in your recently purchased, cute sandals or at a beach. Experiment with the different methods given above until you find the one that works well for you and get ready to flaunt your delicate and pretty feet without any inhibitions.

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