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Are you looking for a way to get rid of extra pounds, a healthy and safe way that can make the results last forever? You need a colon cleanser program consisting of complex detoxification effects that ensure a solid and ideal way to achieve your desired silhouette. There are so many people nowadays dealing with the overweight problem. The cause of this is found in the lack of exercise and poor diet completely unhealthy, full of high fats and sugar. The phenomenon of obesity nowadays has become not only an aesthetic problem among obese people, but also a very serious problem that hide risks in terms of health.

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The foundation of a diet that brings us the desired results is this one: our body must be able to spare perfectly all daily tasks. The large amount of toxins that attack us every day is deposited a through chemical bond next to our body fat. This results in fat being deposited on the abdomen, which is a key long-term risk of heart attack. These fat deposits are not located only at the surface but most of them are located in the intestinal tract, in the colon especially. We know that a diet starts with a mental decision and do not appear easily. But when we came to results, the feeling of success helps us even in the most difficult moments.

If someone doesn’t eat proper meals during the day, of course he/she gets rid of some pounds, but when the weakened body returns to normal diet, both in quantity and in terms of food variety, these pounds will immediately be regained because the body was put through a panic reaction, assimilating calories, all proteins, all fats and carbohydrates that reach all the sugar in the body.



Toxins gather in our body in a very long time, so it can take a long time until we can get rid of them. In doing so, the overall health is strengthened, we become more energetic and we feel fresh, but without it, the list of diseases caused by the amount of toxins in the body is very long.

An adult of average weight, may have even 4-5 kilograms of deposits in the intestines a cause why detoxifying the body through the intestines is not possible. The toxins could not be discharged from the body, being the main reason of gaining weight. What is worst is that they can reach the lymphatic system and blood circulatory system causing countless health problems.

It’s very important to mention the free radicals. These free unstable radicals from the body together with our toxins can cause many severe health problems. One goal of detoxification is immobilizing these free radicals by antioxidants. Our body is prone to quite a serious overloading because of the polluted environment we live in, because of the food full of preservatives and high salt content, water cleaned by various chemical methods chlorine, because cosmetics, various synthetic cleaners present in every home, but also because of medications.

The organism tries to get rid of these accumulated toxins, but once the body stops facing them, they are accumulated in the joints, adipose tissue and other body areas that are close to vital internal organs. Most times we do not take into consideration these toxins deposits, until these diseases manifest themselves in the form of a more or less severe disease. Luckily, the human body is a highly effective and almost perfect complex, and the functioning of the filters through which toxins reached the body can ensure us a life free of symptoms for many years.

In the case of complete ignorance of detox process overweight, cellulite, varicose veins problems are installed. Chronic fatigue, mentally overwork, allergies, asthma, migraines, ulcers and various circulatory problems make their appearance, so we must pay attention to detoxification.


Basification is as important as detoxification. The proper consumption of aliments (basic in chemical terms) is beneficial in situations when we want to lose weight. On the other hand, acid excess in the body is responsible for fat accumulation and fixation, very difficult to get rid of. The acidity or alkalinity solutions are measured on a scale from 1 to 14, and the unit is the pH value. PH, short for “Power of Hydrogen” is the number of hydrogen ions (H +) present in the solution. Each solution has its own water containing pH value.

Neutrals are the solutions with a pH value of 7.0; below that is considered acidic solution and above this value is considered basic. The lower the pH value is, the more powerful the acid is. The human body works properly in the range of 7.35 – 7.45 pH. Our cells are provided with basic climate; for the body cells it is the most natural and optimum climate.

At birth, the body is composed of an extent of 70% water, the remaining 30% are minerals and other substances. Throughout our lives, the ratio of these components is changed greatly by the appearance of different materials. It is caused by the acidity produced by the aliments we eat. Excessive consumption of meat, especially pork produces uric acid, dairy products produce sulfuric acid, coffee and black tea produce tannins and besides alimentation, stress, anxiety and nervousness produce gastric acid responsible for different intestinal diseases. This is why our organism has to neutralize these acids and it needs basic aliments when the concentration of these toxic substances increases.

Water consumption

The third step for a healthy colon is water consumption. Our body is composed mostly of water, so who doesn’t drink enough water, doesn’t have a proper environment for losing weight. There are plenty of physiological roles of water in the human body: ensure blood circulation, control blood pressure, make the dissolution possible, uptake and transport of food, and role of temperature regulator to endure permanent internal body temperature.

During the day an average of 2 liters of water is eliminated through perspiration, respiration, excretion and digestion, quantity to be replaced. Half the daily intake of liquid is introduced into the body with food and the other half by drinking water. The consumed water reaches the entire body. From the digestive system it goes to the blood, then goes further, being stored in various organs and tissues, where they will be substances diluted in water.

A sustainable weight loss can be achieved with the aid of a healthy body if basification and detoxification is combined with the intake of a good quantity of water. With these 3 processes, the rate of burning fat becomes much faster and efficient and the colon stays clean enduring a healthy lifestyle.

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