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Go one or two shades lighter with vitamin C!

Written by Tony

Vitamin C makes our gums stronger…vitamin C makes our gums stronger…vitamin C makes our gums stronger…well… Enough of this now! This is what we all learnt in our school days. Our knowledge about this amazing vitamin was kept to the minimum by the dreaded science text books we read in our school. But, no one told us that vitamin C makes our skin also stronger. It makes our skin healthier and vibrant-looking. And above all, it lightens our skin tone by a shade or two!

Vitamin C is an essential and also one of the most abundant nutrients you can obtain from the nature. Several fruits and vegetables including oranges, pepper, guava, pomegranate, tomatoes, kale, strawberries and broccoli, contain a high amount of this vitamin.

So, naturally, it would pay you handsomely, if you eat these fruits and vegetables on a regular basis and make your skin smoother, glowing, youthful and also lighter.

Though you can achieve great benefits and an attractive skin tone by increasing your intake of vitamin C-rich foods, our body does have a limit to which it can retain it. It uses the amount of the vitamin that is just enough and gets rid of the excess when you are eating too much of these foods.

Hence, for the best skin-lightening results, make sure you also use topical vitamin C, which reaches and acts directly on the skin and hence, is more effective than the oral intake. Even better, combine a high vitamin C diet with a topical application for achieving best results for skin whitening. Here are some great ways to use the natural sources of vitamin C as a topical agent for amazing skin-lightening results:


Oranges are very juicy and tasty. But, the only thing I don’t like about oranges is the skin of its carpels. I am sure you also don’t like to chew the skin that takes away the juiciness of the fruit. So, next time you eat oranges, remove this skin delicately and apply it on your face.

Keep rubbing it gently on your skin in a rotatory fashion for a few minutes till it becomes dry. Allow it to remain for a few minutes and then, wash your face with plain water. You will find an instant glow on your skin. Do the same for a few days for a visible skin-lightening effect.

Face Pack with tomatoes and oat meal

Tomatoes provide a great nourishment for the skin in the form of vitamin C and vitamin E. It also acts as a natural moisturizing agent. Oatmeal is an excellent exfoliant. Just mix oatmeal and tomato pulp together and apply it on your face. Allow it to remain for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.


Make a pulp of strawberries and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Apply this mixture on your face and keep it for not more than 5 minutes. Do this every alternate day. You will see a remarkable improvement in your skin tone within 4 weeks. You can also apply this mixture on the hyperpigmented patches on the skin like melasma to lighten the patches.

So, Vitamin C wins the crown for being the most effective nutrient for our skin. So, if you have been secretly desiring to improve your skin tone, just follow these tips. I am sure the skin-lightening results you will achieve with these tips will help you be more confident and allow you to be successful in your endeavors at achieving your dreams, whether in your personal or in professional life!



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