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All about Phenylpiracetam as a Nootropic supplement

Written by Marsha

Ever wondered what Phenylpiracetam does to you? Well, let’s talk about a boost in memory, cognitive functions, improvement with dealing with stress and your learning capacity. Or should we start with how it does improve your stamina and endurance while you are doing most exercises? Yes, these are what Phenylpiracetam supplements are majorly about.

Initially developed in the dawn of the 1990’s by a Russian company, this supplement has now reached the west with a growing interest among users.

Most by now are wondering what Phenylpiracetam is?


What Is Phenylpiracetam?

Well, Phenylpiracetam powder is the modified version of the Nootropic category that is widely used today. Some choose to refer to it as the improved version of Piracetam, the first Nootropic.

True as it might be Phenylpiracetam in its chemical structure bears an additional Phenyl group to the Piracetam base. And amazingly enough the addition of the Phenyl group boosts its performance to a 60 times more power strength over the Piracetam.

The Phenyl group allows makes this supplement pass the blood-brain barrier easier thus facilitating high effect on a low dosage intake. And as such an average dosage or stacking with Phenylpiracetam makes it more active ensuring to a possible half-life of up to 5 hours.

When it comes to “legit” stimulant effects then Phenylpiracetam is the ideal supplement. With the equivalents of Adderall, Phenylpiracetam has less and much safer than any of other Nootropic available.


Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

Some of the common benefits are same as with Piracetam’s since they are basically of the chemical base. These benefits are more so on the cognitive effects and benefits of the Piracetam.

Though with the addition of the Phenyl group, improves the beneficial aspects of the supplement. Memory and recall abilities generally get a boost. Learning, focus and concentration as well becomes better and a significant amount of mental energy is as well recorded. Thus a great supplement to use when facing challenges of “brain fog”

Mood and movement are also some of the beneficial effects that this supplement aids in controlling. The Phenylpiracetam moderates many different neurotransmitters like Dopamine that are mostly responsible in these activities as research approves.

Anxiety and fear as well are known phenomenon that Phenylpiracetam regulates in the brain. Though this is proven more in tested animals; it is not yet evidenced in humans.

The additional benefits as well range from an increase in attention to a more whole complex benefit of problem solving techniques that are more improved especially from asthenia patients.

Reducing sleep depression is another positive aspect that this supplement is all about. As well as a high tolerance to cold is another bonus of the supplement.


Suggested Use of Phenylpiracetam

The best use is made to lie by mainly students that mainly deal in research oriented fields or productivity oriented business people. This supplement will increase the productivity of these people to a greater level.

Well, students might use the supplements to stay awake while studying more so for those that study overnight.

Before going for an exam, it could be used to improve focus and mental energy or any other cognitive function. Most students do record an increase in motivation and mood when using even small ounces of Phenylpiracetam dosages.

Students might finally use Phenylpiracetam to curb the levels of anxiety or stress that mostly are the situation prior before an exam. Phenylpiracetam dosages help reduce these levels and are greatly advised.

Apart from students and businessmen/ women, athletes too are a great consumer of this dosage. An increased stamina is notably one of the things common with athletes, an improved recovery and a higher endurance ability.

Well, in cold weather, Phenylpiracetam is used to increase tolerance to the cold. As well, body building people as well do stack with other motivational supplements to aid in blood circulation.

On the bright side, Phenylpiracetam is not caffeine related and such nervousness and mental breakdown are minimal hence making this supplement one of the safest in the long run.


Phenylpiracetam Dosage:

As stated earlier, the Phenyl group makes this supplement one of the strongest Nootropic supplement that one can use. Mostly people begin with an average of 100 mg of Phenylpiracetam per day is generally fair to begin with. It is crucial to understand that long-term usage of the supplement might result to body creating much tolerance to the chemical leading to an intake of a higher dosage avoiding a daily intake should be also recommended.


The ideal dosage administration would be something like a cycle. A few days in a week, then avoid for a week or two without using. Then, embark when need be or you feel the beneficial effects are wearing off.

Though it is important to know that the best way of dosage is using when need arises. This makes the results more beneficial and serves the intended purpose. I don’t believe you are dumb enough to need Phenylpiracetam every time.

Phenylpiracetam Stacks

  • Alpha GPC,
  • Sulbutiamine,
  • Any Nootropic/Racetam

Pros and cons


– Clearing Brain Fog

– Improved Focus

– Boosts Energy

– Promotes Brain Health


– Limited availability

– Limited Omega 3 Fatty Acids

– Limited Choline Source

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