Avoiding nighttime legs cramps

Written by Marsha

Do you feel your legs tight and painful during night? This discomfort may be caused by fatigue or by some inadequate pairs of shoes; but the best friend in such situations is water – hot or cold, with or without plants extracts – or a good massage. In case there is no one to help you with the massage, keep on reading and you’ll find some good replacements for this method.

Pamper your legs with water and essential oils

For a comfortable treatment for legs, fill in one basin with cold water and one with very hot water. Sit comfortably on a chair and dip your legs in the cold water. After 5 minutes switch the basins and repeat. This “hydromassage” determines alternatively the dilatation and contraction of blood vessels stimulating circulation.

For a good spoil with essential oils (a ritual known for the ancient times) add 2 drops of mint oil as well as eucalyptus and rosemary oil into a hot water basin. Dip your legs for 10 minutes into this fresh smelling liquid. Regarding plants, arnica, sometimes cultivated as an ornamental is good for blood circulation and it almost instantly relieves pain.

The magic of massage

From local stores you can buy a coil special for massaging the feet. Or you can roll your bare foot over a tennis, golf or mandala ball for a few minutes. To reduce the pain in the legs, try catching some pencils intentionally thrown on the ground. Orthopedic devices help reducing the pain especially to those who suffer from splay foot. There are models personalized in sizes to perfectly fit your leg with the help of a pediatrician.


Heal your heel

Heel pain, especially the one which appears in the morning might be a sign of an inflammation of calcaneus. To reduce the pain, you must stretch Achilles tendon. Sit approximately three feet away from a wall. Put your hands on the wall and flex the right leg forward while the left leg remains straight with the heel on the ground. A slightly stretch much be felt in the left knee. Maintain for 10 seconds this pose then repeat the process for the other leg. Another solution might be to apply an iced bag on the painful heel for 20 minutes three times a day.

Extra tips

Wear special shoes for running whenever you can not only when you are working out. They have a better support for the feet and also an efficient damping. In case you don’t want to wear this type of shoes, buy something with thick sole. Buy shoes in the afternoon when the foot reaches its maximum size. If you wear orthopedic pads, bring them with you when going shopping and make sure they fit the shoes you want to buy.

Did you know? An adult takes 8000 to 10000 steps a day. So from time to time, the painful legs shouldn’t be a surprise. Almost everything can provoke a pain in the legs including the inadequate shoes or diseases like arthritis, diabetes or bad blood circulation.

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