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Cool workouts for women who hate exercise

Written by Marsha

Not everybody was created with the sprit to workout extremely hard. Some still want to get fit and indulge in little or no extraneous workouts for you to be fit, skinny or healthy. Well, there are some activities that are considered fun and the activities help us burn more calories, keep fit, work out and be healthy enough to live a basic life. I idealized these activities into the list below.

  1. Kayaking

It’s as sport to many, it’s a leisure activity to some, it is whatever you want to relate to it. But what kayaking is ultimate, is it’s an easy way to work out. It vigorously engages your upper body from your arms spine neck as well as the cardiovascular area. What makes this sport a cool activity for whoever does not enjoy workouts is the fact that you are always in the thrill, and amazed in the challenges that are along the stream or river you are flowing with. Absolute fun!


  1. Team activities

Sport that involves teams is a great way to burn and involve in the easiest ways possible. A really great way is to engage in sport activities that indirectly dictates the amount of work out you are actually doing. These are actually beneficial since you can easily manage to do in a team spirit or team encounter. Sports like soccer, basketball or skiing.

  1. Yoga

We have previously included yoga in some of our previous workouts as a workout to try out. What we forgot to clearly identify is that yoga is one of the coolest workouts that engages the mind to a state of true tranquility and does not involve a lot of exercise. This is a very good workout for the body and the mind as well.

  1. Walking

We all walk, right? Then we are constantly doing some form of workout for our bodies. You can either have your walk in a timed manner or a distance manner. For a timed manner you can decide to walk for 45 minutes nonstop, no breaks. As well for the distance manner you can set a goal to accomplish with the walk let’s say 10 miles without having to take breaks. This will for sure be a cool way to work out without stress. The joy of walking is when you periodically change the walking paces you either start with fast waking then slowly adjust in no particular order to enjoy fully the walk.

These are basically the enjoyable ways that you could easily workout without an extra strain from your activities. We would like to hear more ideas that you have on how to work out in the coolest way you know so kindly leave us a comment on the comment box.

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