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Cutting and styling cute bangs in people with curled hair

Written by Marsha

Most girls with curly hair develop a negative attitude towards bangs after going through perhaps one or several unfortunate encounters with scissors while at home, school or even at a stylist’s. We often see people on television with enviable bangs that look unachievable by use of flat irons and round brushes. This does not necessarily mean that these fair looks are in any way impossible. It is now time to think again about the look. Bangs can and will take your hairdo to a higher level to give you a very cute look if only they are cut and styled in the right way. However, before you venture into this good looking hairdo, it is important to note that hair shrinkage is real. Shrinkage is a phenomenon where curly hair appears shorter than it really is. Naturally, curly hair will barely touch your shoulders. But, when wet or even straightened, it will extend much longer over your back.

Detailed below is the way to get a perfect look for your wave and ringlets.

Wise choice of stylist

Do not go to any random stylist to have your bangs done. Look out for a stylist whose clients have curly hair and one who actually feels comfortable with the texture of your hair. If you do not find one, you can ask friends with the same kind of tresses to recommend their stylists to you.

Fringes should be left longer and at an angle

Since curly hair is naturally drawn up, it is advisable to leave bangs extending longer. Cutting bangs across does not achieve an appealing look. Instead, they appear boxy. To avoid this, have them cut at an angle and have your face framed nicely in order to accentuate your eyes and the cheekbones. Cutting slimly on the sides and making angled cuts around the face elongates the face making bangs even more versatile for styling options.

Stay Off the razor

It is recommended to cut bangs with scissors because using a razor will make the curly texture of your bangs to be frizzy. For people with dense curls, the curls can have a very solid look after drying. It is, therefore, advisable to texturize using scissors to give hair a silhouette that looks lighter and is airy too. To control the volume, layers should be worked into a longer bang. This way, you will have a fringe that is easier to style and even wear. More so, it will prevent the face from appearing too round.

Be Modern      

Most people who have curled hair prefer blowing out. Others like to flatiron the bangs in a smooth manner. If you have decided to do any of these, the fringe should be cut at a side angle so that it flows better with the pattern of your natural hair’s growth. Do not cut bangs and wear them straight down. For those who prefer to wear bangs in their natural curly way, do a short cut resembling a pixie. This will give your bangs a super-cool look that is not only fresh but modern too.

Go for mini flat irons

Hair dryers and round brushes are used to make bangs smooth and lift them too. This is, however, a time consuming practice. If you need to wear bangs straight and still save time, use a small iron. Mini flat irons also come in handy when one is travelling or when running errands since you only need to carry it in a hand bag.

Growing it out? Go messy

Most people see it as a bad ordeal to grow out curled bangs. I can assure you that it is not a nightmare as you think it is. Try messy ponytails (or buns). This may look very amazing with the texture of the natural hair. It is easy to pin back the bangs by use of bobby pins.


Looking amazingly great is not less work, neither is it hard work. It depends on the attitude and way you wish to “mess good” with your hair. With the detailed help, I am sure your new look will change the way you view bangs, weaves or natural hair. I am convinced that the difference between your current look and the one you envy so much lies in the considerations of the above ideas.

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