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Dry hair repair

Written by Marsha

Dry, brittle, harsh and split hair are problems many women face. Hair has a texture similar to the one of nails, but the hairs have a layer of exterior cells which protect their centre. If this layer is affected, hair loses its moisture and shine and the ends split. Hair dye, too much time spent in the sun, hair straighteners , curling irons deteriorate and reduce the vitality of hair.

Washing routine

Wash your hair twice or three times per week. Your hair will still be clear and in this way it will keep enough quantity of its natural oils and minerals. Use baby shampoo. This dries less than other normal shampoos. Wash the hair with warm water. Hot water destroys the natural substances from hairs. The best temperature for washing is the one with some degrees over the corporal temperature. It’s important to rinse your hair for twice the amount of time you spent washing it.


Homemade hair conditioner

If you are using an industrial hair conditioner make sure it has some thermal protection ingredients. In case you want to make your own hair conditioner, use olive oil, aloe vera gel, some drops of rosemary and optional some drops of sandalwood oil for scent. Olive oil is a natural emollient, aloe vera hydrates while rosemary makes the hair become soft. Let this mix on your hair for one to two hours and then rinse. While using hair conditioner, apply it only on the ends of your hair.

Hair drying technique

As much as possible leave your hair dry naturally. If you must use a hairdryer, try using it moderately; same thing is available for curling iron or straightener. Applying heat is like the sun dries out a leaf and it loses its vitality. When you are using a hairdryer, make sure to set it on a medium temperature, the lowest if possible.

Brushing technique

Use a brush made of natural hair bristles, not synthetic bristles because they cause static electricity with affects the hair and it becomes more fragile. Start by gently brushing the ends to avoid any tangled hair and to avoid breaking it. After brushing the ends, with large movements, complete the process on the entire length of hair from the root to its end to uniformly spread its natural oils.

Foods for hair

Avocado is a fruit which increases the quantity of protein in hair, making it look stronger and healthier. Mix it with some oils, jojoba oil for example and apply it on the washed hair and gently massage it through the entire scalp. Leave it for 15-30 minutes and you’ll notice immediate improvements. An alternative may be the mayonnaise which consists of eggs with high amount of proteins proper for your hair health.

These techniques should have a Midas touch to your hair. Though sometimes some hairstyles might be rather complicated and you should consult your stylist in such cases. But if these hair-related problems persist, it should be your sole responsibility to visit your doctor!

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