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How to use your eyeliner for a perfect contour and look!

Written by Marsha

Eyeliner is the most dramatic cosmetic a woman can use. It can cause a drastic change in her look from looking like the sweet, innocent Cinderella to a blood-sucking vampire, depending on what you choose, a dramatic stroke or a soft line! Spending a few minutes in front of a mirror with an eyeliner can help you embellish the windows to your soul. But, the technique has to be correct! Read on to know how to wield your eyeliner for a perfect eye contour and effect.

A natural look for the beginners

Most women use an eyeliner only for the lower lid, completely forgetting the upper one. The upper rim is an equally important area that defines your personality.

Just lift your upper lid and apply a black eyeliner in short strokes while looking down into a mirror. This will intensify your upper lash-line giving you a natural, yet attractive look.

Got small eyes?

If your eyes are small, you would naturally want them to look bigger. After all, bigger eyes are more successful at getting the desired attention by just fluttering your eyelashes. You can make your small eyes appear bigger with a smoky, smudged wraparound. You can also elongate the width of your eyes with an exaggerated winged tip.

small eyes

Apply an eyeliner pencil from the inner to the outer corner of the upper lash-line. Then, close your eyes and pull the eyelid taut so as to draw your line. If you want them to look thicker, wiggle it in between your lashes.

Brighten your eyes

When you look as if you have slept for just 20 minutes last night, the best trick to appear bright and fresh-eyed is to apply a beige eyeliner on your waterline (aka the inner rim of the lower eyelid).

Pull down your lower lid gently with your index finger to expose the inner rim. Gently go over the waterline with your pencil. It will help counteract the red, tired eyes and help you look fresh.

Elongated Eye

If you have small or close-set eyes, you may want to lengthen their width by focusing the eyeliner at the outer corners of the eyes.

Elongated Eye

Draw a line from the middle of the upper lash-line, using a cream liner, till the outer edge. Then apply the eyeliner on the outer corner of your lower lash-line to connect the tip with the line made above. This look is perfect for those with rounder eyes as it allows to create more angles and adds to your “oomph” factor.

Smudged Wraparound

Do you want to add an aura of mystery to your personality? Well… In that case, smoky eyes would be the best way to get that look! All you need is a flat angled brush and a black kohl pencil.

Scribble a line along the upper lash-line with your pencil from the inner to the outer corner. Line the lower inner rim too for an instant definition. Draw a line along the lower lash-line till the two lines are connected at the outer edge. Smudge the lines around the entire eye with a flat-angled brush, until the desired level of smokiness is achieved.

Eyeliner is a tool you can use to make a statement. The techniques mentioned above will allow you to master a stunning look with your eyeliner.


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