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Even if you are big supporter of weight training at the gym, you will see that every time you train and do exercises using only body weight you will be more and more astonished by their effectiveness.

Practicing win a gym, your choices of exercises are a little limited because they depend on the fitness equipment that the gym owns. You will see that if you opt for exercises that require your own body weight, you will discover new styles and combinations of exercise workout that tones muscles and melt body fat.

Although it is said these exercises are really easy to practice, know that they require great commitment, a lot of strength and constancy whether you’re a beginner or not. There are so many types of exercises and so many ways to increase the difficulty, in order to improve the sweating level to burn even more calories and to acquire a beautiful, lean and sculpted body.

As a beginner, you will find that some exercises are really difficult out of first. The important thing is to not give up, to try to work hard and to set up some resolutions and purposes that will work as a boost for your motivation. The easiest, least costly, effective and pleasant way to tone your muscles and to lose weight is to make use of your weight (regardless of weight that you have) and to train.

Even if you manage to make a move only partial, half, keep trying because you’ll develop strength and coordination in a rapid way and later you’ll be able to do the whole exercise in the correct form. As repetition and constancy is the key, each time you repeat the exercise your body becomes familiar with it and next time you will become better. The more often you exercise the better you’d become.

Body weight exercises are designed to put all your muscles in motion, felling immediately the work and easily starting toning up. Besides, exercises with body weight are ideal for beginners and they can be a great alternative when you couldn’t get to the gym or you don’t have time for the gym or when simply you’re on vacation or business trip and do not have access to a fitness class.

Any workout begins with a warming. Make sure you warm up every muscle and prepare your body for the workout ahead. A short warm up of 5 to 10 minutes should be enough to activate your muscles. Because there is wide variety of body weight exercises you can make different combinations in order to work other parts of the body every time.

exercise plan

Here is an example of a home exercise program for weight loss including weight only exercises the body. The exercises added will work most of the muscles of the body: chest, legs, abdomen and put your blood circulation. Three rounds of each exercise will be enough for you to sweat it out and burn those nasty calories.

Detailed exercises:

Jumping Jacks

Stand straight with feet together, arms at your sides.

Abs and gluts are tense, jump slightly departing feet in the air and simultaneously raising the arms above the head, bringing the hands close together. Try to lend easily not to put excessive pressure on the knees.

Try to do this exercise for 60 seconds without stopping movement. Also, pay attention to the position of the knee, do not guide inside in order to not get injured and not cause problems, including the ankles.

Pushups knees

Push-ups are a crucial exercise for beginners, so do not forget your modified push-ups!

Start by sitting in a pushup position but with knees and palms on the floor and hands at 45 degrees to the top (in a position of an arrow. If you want to progress and make it harder to sit knees as far away from your hands and body as straight as a board.

It’s important to tense the abs and better distribute the weight of your body in both your palms and fingers.



With feet width apart and arms stretched before you let your butt toward the back (as if you sat in the chair) to below the knee and get up keeping the body strong and you’re up pushing.

Make sure to tense your bottom muscles. If you want to increase the difficulty use some weights (water bottle, backpack with books) or do them in two steps down, two steps up, or down time and three up.

Triceps on the seat

For this exercise all you need is a chair.

Face your back to the chair, and while holding to its seat, bent the elbows and slower lower your but to the ground keeping your arms in a 45 degrees angle. The legs are supported as close to the body and bend your knees easily. Push back until your arms are straight.

If you want to do at a more advanced level try supporting your feet on another chair. Before you start this exercise make sure to work on a stable chair and wall supports him not to move while working.


This is an exercise that includes a pushup, lifting the knees to the chest from a squat position with the float and bounce. This is the original form of exercise.

From its original form can make some changes to reduce or increase the difficulty of the exercise. As a beginner, you can start with a modified burpee.


Start in a ready position with your feet about hip distance apart, jump down into a plank position, hold then jump right back driving your feet forward and reach your arms above your head. And repeat these movements.

These are some of the most common exercises for losing weight. Three rounds consisting of 10-15 reps of each exercise should be enough for a weight loss exercise plan.

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