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Foundation, the right way!

Written by Marsha

It is important to know how to apply foundation because it can make your skin look healthy and beautiful, or on the opposite side, it looks messy with harsh lines. This technique presented below is suitable for two different people: someone who is dry skin looking for more hydration, moisture and someone who is more normal-dry combination and looking for a dewy, healthy natural looking finish as opposed to a full mat finish or a powdery finish. You are not going to be looking oily with this technique but healthy. Well it starts with foundation as a product, then the techniques as well.

Priming your skin

People don’t know why they’re wearing a foundation primer. Primer is actually the middleman between your moisturizer and your foundation. So when you put on your moisturizer, put it at least twenty minutes before you’re applying the rest of your make-up. In that your moisturizer will have duly set then by putting on the primer, it will separate the moisturizer from the foundation. There are so many different primers and you have to feel comfortable with which one fits more your skin.

Make sure to apply the primer with your hands clean. If you don’t that will spread bacteria very quickly. Put just a beam size of primer on the back of your hand and put it on like moisturizer. Dab it on your hand and put it on the face continuing to dab in the T zone, on the cheeks. It gives a nice moist feeling on the skin and then blend it in as if you were blending in the moisturizer and it seeps in right into the skin. Once you have your primer on you can immediately start with your foundation.

Applying foundation

So it’s very important to choose the right shade of foundation. Sometimes one foundation color is not enough. Sometimes you have to mix two foundations to get the right shade for yourself. With the help of a foundation brush slightly swirl them together so it gives the right colored tone. And then just test a little bit near the nose just to see. If you are aiming on a lighter skin tone, you could take a sponge and just blend it in see how it looks. Once you get an idea on the color, you can continue with prepping the foundation. The best in liquid foundations is that you pump once and it gives you just the right amount. A foundation brush is really good for blending the two shades together, getting the right color. You don’t need a heavy coverage so just go all over face. Up on the T-zone, back and forth, up, down the nose and a lot of it is downstrokes. You can also get on top of the eyelids. When you cover the eyelids it keeps, actually, the eye shadow on better. You have to use a foundation brush when you’re trying to achieve smooth skin and anywhere you want to put more foundation, you just put the foundation brush on the skin in the spot and dab. As much as you dab in that one spot, it puts on a little heavier foundation. And you’ll blend it later with your finger or a sponge, but the brush is what applies it nice and naturally.


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