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Galantamine, a perfect nootropic for a perfect supplement

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A Nootropic that enhances cognitive abilities and normally used to promote relaxation and enhance mental activity. Always taken as a dreaming aid and to induce sleep after a hectic day. Since it’s the time that our bodies restores itself as it repairs, we all can do with Galantamine as it provides sleep. During sleep is when memory consolidation occurs in a state of REM as hence sleep has positive effect on memory. Galantamine also has other additional Nootropical and clinical effects. This article is thus aimed at highlighting the reasons that can probe one to use Galantamine, as it explains the benefits and how and the best way to take it.

It exists both in powder and tablet form.

The supplement happens to be an alkaloid and comes from the flowers of Galanthus Causasius. It’s also created synthetically. The supplement was first studied and created and in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Europe in the 1950s. Conditions such as motor and sensory dysfunction, myopathy, and myasthenia have been treated throughout Europe using galantine. Its benefits upon memory, general cognition and learning has made it a very popular Nootropic supplement. The FDA in the US has also approve Galantamine as a treatment for the Alzheimer’s condition.


How it works.

Galantamine has two important functional methodologies, the first one being by Acetylcholinesterases actions. This the enzyme that traverses the brain seeking to destroy used up acetylcholine molecules in the nerve synapses and consequently new ones are made for the subsequent nerve impulse. This functions to increase acetylcholine circulation within the brain based on the enzymes less effect.

The second methodology of the supplement involves its binding with the acetylcholine receptor sites and this consequently increase their response to the neurotransmitter in question. Basically Galantamine aids in increasing acetylcholine activity by acting on both sides of the transmission. This action of Galantamine makes it similar to the Racetam supplement alongside piracetam, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam and Oxiracetam. The effects of Galantamine can be enhanced by using it together with the other Nootropic stacks, Cholinergics like Citoline or Alpha GPC.

Some researchers also believe that the supplement can facilitate release of other neurotransmitters. This would encompass noradrenaline (norepinephrine and epinephrine) and adrenaline. This involves a technical method that makes potassium ion channels inaccessible in the neurons. A whole host of benefits in line with intellectual capabilities and energy are as a result of increased neurotransmitters

For people seeking to improve their cognitive abilities and even improve their abilities to handle stress and anxiety, these are very important effects.


Galantamine benefits.

Based on the enhanced acetylcholine levels in the brain, Galantamine can be associated with Nootropic benefits. This includes synaptic plasticity or neuroplasticity as well as enhanced memory formation. This leaves the brain in a position in which one can respond better to stimuli, learn with greater ease and adaptability of the brain. Evidences of enhanced memory speed have been recorded. Recall is also associated with Galantamine. Consumers have also reported improved concentration, focus and increased attention span. Decisions are also made easily. The supplement also enhances sleep as users are also able to relax efficiently and quickly.

This leads to deep sleep and waking up feeling fresh and during sleep one is able to fall asleep fast with low anxiety levels and stress. This supplement is also important in achieving a lucid dream or an experience known as out of body experiences. The FDA in the US has approved Galantamine as being able to treat the Alzheimer’s condition. Additional evidence exists on its abilities to treat things such as ADHD or ADD, other forms of dementia and age related cognitive abilities.


Side effects of Galantamine.

Some side effects have been associated with the supplement despite it being well tolerated and safe to use. These happen to be very rare and are very mild if at all they occur. They include; nausea, tiredness, headaches, dizziness and loss of appetite. On some occasions, people can develop allergic reactions to Galantamine like hives, bloody or dark stool, rashes and swelling of the tongue lips or mouth. Immediate medical attention is needed should one encounter these side effects and he or she should stop taking the supplement.


Using Galantamine.

Not much of the supplement is needed as it’s a very powerful Nootropic. The general recommended and accepted dose of the supplement is between four and twelve miligrams which administered two times a day. A maximum of 24mg a day should not be exceeded in one day. The supplement can be purchased online from several pharmacies based in countries such as the UK. For beginners one is advised to see a qualified medical doctor to declare them healthy and fit enough to use the drug. It’s not advisable to combine Galantamine with stimulants or consume it alongside supplements like Huperzine A which also happens to be cholinesterase inhibitors.



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