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How to handle your fingernails

Written by Marsha

Have you ever taken a closer look at your nails? Do they look strong and healthy or you can see them with ugly ridges with an unusual shape or color? Most of the undesirable fingernails problems can be avoided by taking good care of your nails. Here’s what you need to do to keep your nails in the best condition:

Regular Clipping

There is really no reason for you to grow your fingernails too long unless you are competing for a Guinness book of world records! It is not only impractical, but also makes you appear a bit slutty. It’s also unhealthy as it allows the germs to find comfort in their stay at the “palacious” mansion under your nails. So, clip your nail regularly and keep their length in reasonable limits so that they don’t come in your way while performing the daily chores.

Make friends with rubber gloves

Do not clean your home or do the dishes without wearing gloves? The chemicals used in detergents are very harsh for your skin and nails. They can make your nails weak, brittle and prone to breakage. Hence, make sure you wear rubber gloves when washing dishes and cleaning or whenever you are handling detergents.

Nail Polish

Although colorful nails make you looks cool, keep in mind that nail polish can actually do a lot of harm to your nails. Most nail polishes have acetone that can make your nails weak and soft. Polish your nails not more than once a month.

Nail Polish

And one more thing: if the expiry date of your nail polish is over, throw it right away.

Cuticle removing

The most common mistake many girls do regarding nail care is cutting the cuticles. This must be avoided. What you should do is apply a cuticle-remover cream or gel and gently push the cuticles using a cuticle stick.

Nail filing

Buy yourself a good fingernail file and use it each time you cut your nails. The best way for nail filing is to move the file in only one direction. Moving it left and right will create tiny cracks, which will weaken your nails.

Nail filing

Nail Creams

Do you know that, just like the skin creams and lotions, there are special nail creams, exclusively meant for taking care of your nails? Your regular hand cream is not enough to take optimum care of your nails. Apply nail cream on your nails and the skin surrounding it every day before going to bed to prevent them from getting rough and ugly.

Hardeners and Calcium Gels

Nail Hardeners, as the name suggests, are meant to make your nails harder and stronger. But, the results are not noticeable within just a few days. You have to use it regularly, at least for a month or two, to see a visible change in your nails.

While trying to look beautiful and attractive, you often ignore your nails and pay more attention to your face and skin. The nails obviously throw tantrums at your ignorant behavior and become attention-seeking by forming ugly ridges and abnormal color or shape. To avoid this, make sure you love your fingernails as much as you love your skin and pamper them with regular care and attention!


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