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Home remedies for oily skin

Written by Marsha

Most of women are facing the beauty problem of oily skin. But part of having oily skin is that it prevents aging and the chances of having wrinkles are smaller than those women with normal to dry skin. You need to take great interest in washing your face gently and removing the dead cells. Ironically, the more you wash your face, the more it produces grease.

Keep your skin clear

Wash your face with warm water because it dissolves the oily particles from your face. Choose a proper soap. It doesn’t have to be too creamy because it contains softening substances. Or, instead of soap (liquid or solid) you could use special cleansing products for oily skin. If you have acne, use special soaps consisting of citric, lactic or glycolic acids which avoid the spreading of bacteria all over the face. These acids help removing the dead skin cells, they reduce the quantity of oil and also they control and cure the infection.

Make your own toning solution

Mint, sage, milfoil have astringent properties. Mix a spoon of one of these plants in a cup of hot water, keep it for like 30 minutes, filter the solution and let it cool down. You can apply this on your face by using a cotton pad. With small movements, easily clean your skin twice a day for three weeks and after this period of time, apply only once a day. You can reuse the remaining solution. Stored at room temperature, the liquid will maintain its properties for 3 to 5 days.

Use a facial mask against greasy skin

Clay and mud masks are good for removing impurities and toning the face. These are available is drugstores but you can make your own mask at home using clay proper for skin care(available in drugstores) and hamamelis (most commonly known as witch hazel). Mix a spoon of these two ingredients then apply it on your face avoiding the eyes area and relax. For a nice scent, add 2 drops of lemon oil. Leave it for 10 minutes until the clay dries out and then gently wash your face with warm water.


Some women use mango to make a mask proper for oily skin. Press a mango until it turns into a pasta then apply it on skin, let it dry for a few minutes and remove everything with water. It seems like this fruit helps cleaning the pores.

Reduce shine skin

During the day, use some loose powder which absorbs the excess of sebum. Don’t use pressed powder because it contains oil and it can cause stains or it can affect the acne skin. Search for alcohol napkins proper for oily skin available in packets or individual packaging. Keep them handy and use them whenever you need. The alcohol acts against the grease and your face will not shine for a long time.

An oily skin might be annoying but in time the excess of sebum reduces and your skin will look healthy. Try to take care of it and take great interest in the ingredients of the products you are using. Handmade recipes are always the best and I hope that the tips I listed above are useful for all of you.

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