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How a work-day to day diet affects human health

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As the scientist slogan say that this is the process of which human body receives food and utilizes that food to promote its own vital activities. Nutrition is very important to the human body and should be taken seriously.

  • These vital activities include:
  • Growth and maintenance of body tissues
  • Provision of energy and heat
  • Regulation of body processes
  • Makes the body immune to minor diseases


Scientific research has repeatedly shown that eating healthy foods reduces the risk of many diseases like cancer and heart diseases.60% of cancer diseases are diet related, so to prevent this killing monster you should maintain a healthy diet.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute studies reveal that about 100 million Americans are obese. Being obese raises many chances of conditions such as heart diseases, stroke, hypertension, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and other types of cancer.

Many Americans suffer from obesity simply because they lack a healthy diet. Moreover, they do not feed on natural foods fresh from the gardens. Most parts of the American soil doesn’t support agriculture so they majorly depend on imported and refrigerated foods.

What is a healthy diet and what type of diet is best for preventing obesity?

A healthy diet is simply a lifestyle that when eating the correct amount and type of food your body will reciprocate the food to a good health and growth. The best diet to prevent overweight is foods that are low in fats and focusing more on vegetables and fruits. Getting rid of animal and dairy products is a huge step in preventing obesity. These products contain lots of fat and cholesterol and are destitute of fibre which is very essential in the body.

In addition, if most foods average people of the 21st century feed on foods that contain sugars, Sugar has a high Glycemic index (G.I).Diabetic people are gradually increasing due to feeding of these G.I foods. Choose foods that have low sugars like barley, rice ,pasta, old-fashioned oatmeal ,peas ,beans, most fruits and most vegetables.

Although most foods contain the GI values there are few foods that you should not be concerned about. The foods that contain high GI values are wheat bread, pineapple, watermelon and most cold cereals.

FLASH FACT: Eat a balanced diet containing carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins for a healthy living. It is also recommended that fruits should be eaten first before other food patterns.

To observe a proper workday diet, well here are some characteristics of a well-nourished human body:


The skeleton has no malformation and there is good standing posture. In poor nutrition poor posture is observed, bold legs and chest deformity is seen.

General appearance

The general body appearance should be highly responsive and alert. For a poorly nourished person one feels restlessness weak and fatigue.


The weight should be average, neither overweight nor underweight. Normal height and body build.

According to scientific research institutes there are couple of factors that hinder good nutrition:

Lack of knowledge and ignorance

Among different cultures of the world, there are a few widespread lack of understanding of the function of different types of food. Many people assume that a full belly is all that is necessary of food to a better health. Well this is a clear indication that they lack proper knowledge of a healthy diet. It is this ignorance of a full belly concept that causes some of these diseases.

Poor farming

There are many reasons why food production in particular areas, like American environment, are low. This is due to climatic conditions that do not favour agriculture, the suitability of the soil for growth of crops. Moreover there is limited knowledge of agriculture, unavailability of seeds tools and time spent working on the land. Sometimes farmers tend to devote much of their time and land to the cultivation of cash crops and ignore food crops. This may lead to poor diets, frequently on partially alleviated by food purchases.


According to Harvard Medical School and other research institutes they have studies some good measures on how to improve your diet:

Many resolutions fail because of promising oneself to be healthier and lose weight. Instead you should be committed to these various ways of staying healthy by improving your diet.

Drink more water

The average amount of water a human body is supposed to take is 8 glasses. But in case you have not been used to drinking this amount try drinking more than you have been drinking before. This helps not only to feel full but also make you stay hydrated at all times. This will make a huge impact to your body as water is also very essential in human diet.

Try cooking and eating at home more often

This does not mean you should stop eating at a restaurant, but well you will be more likely to eat healthier and at home. Study show that 50% of calories, sodium and fat are consumed at the restaurants. Many people find it difficult cooking at home especially bachelors, but in case you have not noticed the reason why you are becoming obese. According to Harvard medical daily research tells that families that ate together on most days had a higher intake of nutrients which are very important to the human body.

Be more choosy

This means that you should make a few changes on your food-shopping routine. This does not mean you should start practicing farming or move to the outskirts on reproductive lands. You should target on more seasonal and local foods. In addition make sure the food bought is fresh from the garden and avoid keeping the food in refrigerators for long.

Have a heavy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important of the day. Well I know for most people’s mothers insisted on breakfast being the most important. Well they were not wrong. Scientific research say that having skipped breakfast is a reason for the development of obesity.

Switch to healthier snacks

I know it’s very tempting when you look at the vending machines and see snacks. These snacks contain lots of sugars which is not healthy. To those who cannot resist try having less sugary snacks that are nutritious like popcorn. Most people don’t realize the amount of calories they take so you stay aware to have good eating habits.

NOTE: following the above medical articles makes you have a happier and healthier lifestyle.


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