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How breast reconstruction helps after removal of a breast

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Breast reconstruction is a kind of a surgical operation that is done on women whose breasts have been removed. It is achievable in women whose breasts have been either partially removed or removed completely. This kind of cosmetic surgery aims at rebuilding the mound of the breast such that the shape and the size of the new breast are similar to that of the breast that was there before. The reconstruction is so effective since the nipple and even the dark area around it (the areola) is added.

Breast reconstruction can be done immediately after a mastectomy. However, this is dependent on somebody’s situation at that time or the kind of treatment one is receiving after the mastectomy. It should therefore not come as a surprise when the doctor advises you not to have the reconstruction immediately after your mastectomy.


Benefits of breast reconstruction

The cosmetic surgery after one’s breast or breasts have been removed is a big relief to most women who want to feel as comfortable as before. A woman will be more comfortable about her look since she will not feel odd in the presence of her colleagues or a stranger. However, it is important to note that a breast that has undergone reconstructive surgery will neither look nor feels like the natural breast you had before.  Women will go for cosmetic surgery for different reasons. These are:

  1. To have a balanced chest- Breasts should be of the same shape and size. If only one of the breasts has been removed, breast reconstruction on that breast will help a woman regain a chest that won’t look any different in a bra or even a swimsuit.
  2. One will regain a permanent shape- After restructuring the breast, one will not worry about having a shapeless or a weird looking chest that will draw attention and make you feel uncomfortable.
  3. To avoid using forms when wearing a bra- Many women will use a form under a bra to make it look like she still has a normal breast. However, after going through a mastectomy, one will not need to use additional material under a bra to fake a normal breast.
  4. To take pride in their bodies and have a high self esteem- After a woman’s breast has been removed, she will go through a difficult time. She will tend to feel inferior to her fellow women. Some women are still not impressed with their look in a reconstructed breast. However, a woman with a reconstructed chest tends to exhibit an improved body image and a higher self-esteem compared to a woman who has not had any reconstruction at all.


It is worth noting that a reconstructed breast will initially show scars that will make you feel uncomfortable when naked. These scars will however tend to fade as time goes by. Thanks to new techniques during this cosmetic surgery, nowadays people get fewer scars.

There are endless options that you and your doctor can explore when considering a breast reconstruction. Since this cosmetic surgery will involve a series of operations, ensure you discuss the risks involved as well as the benefits of the procedure. Do not be hasty in reaching a decision. Make a decision only after you have all the information that you need to make sound and reasonable judgment before reconstructing your breast.



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