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How I hacked my obesity by Keto diet?

Written by Tony

Our body is a giant chemical firm that its chemical is changing every minute, we are just aware of a few functionalities that we can control in our mind, but many of its functionalities that we are not aware at all is happening under the hood, and we usually cannot change it consciously.

As a computer programmer point of view, when you have a complex and large software to work with, it is very rare if you try to read every line of source code and then figure it out what the software is doing, but you try to change the input and see how does the output change, this is mostly the common way that we all do when we face a new software. Our mind is very complex and complicated kind of software that we can control it somehow (not always) using the same method, and this is what happened to me when I was 280 lbs.

The whole process it like this, you change the inputs of the body and will see what is the result, if that is something in the direction that you want; then, you continue to do that. When I first read about the Keto diet, it was a weird concept to me because our body is using Carbohydrate as a fuel, and there are almost Carbohydrate in everything that we eat when we feel we are hungry, but Keto diet is against of this process.

Keto diet is a state of the body when the body is using Fat as fuel and not Carbohydrate, how amazing this would be? Imagine you have extra Fat in your body, and you need to
workout or running to burn that Fat, but imagine when your body is using that Fat as the main source of the energy for the body and imagine how fast that Fat can go away when your body is using it as the source of energy.

How does the Keto diet work?
The general idea of the Keto diet is restricting carbohydrates to under 30 g a day, and it means you don’t need to count the calorie, and instead of that, you will count Carbohydrate.

How does the body start to use Fat as the source of the energy?
Our body is like a hybrid car that can run on both source of energy, and it means when you restrict the Carbohydrate, the mind switches the main source of energy from Carbohydrate to Fat, and the magic happens here when the body is more functional and has more energy and is burning a lot of Fat for its functionality.

How long does it take to see the result?
You remember when I said how computer programmers change the inputs and wait to see the output? So, you will get two different output from the Keto diet; the first one is you will feel a lot of energy without eating much after about 2 – 7 days, and what I mean by that is you can eat one a day and feel a lot of energy during the day. The second output is, you will start to losing weight in the first month.

Side Effects
Like many things, almost everything, there are some side effects of a keto diet, and these side effects are very noticeable in the beginning days or weeks, like feeling tired, hungriness, sleepiness, angriness, and in my case brain fog. You should know that these signs are different per person and many would argue to decrease those side effects by eating more fat, which in my personal experience it might help, but it is again different per person. This is where some people are against of the keto diet, and some people are in favor of keto diet. In my research, I have to say is different per person.

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  • Ketogenic diet can be helpful for blood sugar regulation and weight loss. Insulin is released into your blood when you eat sugar and that insulin is what tells your body to store fat in your fat cells and to not release stored fat for hours after your meal.

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