Importance of quality sleep

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Having enough sleep is an efficient way of staying healthy. A little sleep distracts the brain functions, affects your moods, your weight and even ones sex life. Recent scientific studies tell that seven to eight hours of sleep is recommended.

If you are not sleeping according to the recommended hours, well here are some ways how it can affect your body:

Unfulfilling sex life

A research by the National Sleep Foundation shows that 26% of world’s population say that their sex life are affected because they are just too exhausted. Ronald kramer, a specialist at the Colorado Sleep Disorder Centre says that one’s love life can also be affected”. If you’re 28 years old who’s so tired on a date, sleeping at the movies that’s not good.”


Having a good night’s sleep doesn’t mean you are immune to diseases, but sufficient sleep will prevent one from getting serious health problems such as obesity, brain damage and even heart problems. Due to the insufficient sleep, the brain becomes very sluggish hence resulting to low oxygen concentration. This changes ones emotions completely making you to be very moody. Moreover, the heart will not be able to even get enough oxygen too leading to heart attacks.

Impaired judgement

Having woken up from a good slumber makes the mind very fresh and ready to think very fast. A bad night’s sleep makes the brain feel like it’s in its own nightmare world feeling dizzy and confused. Sleep loss can really affect ones judgement. It impairs your decision-making, mental processes and even your attention. Your brain thinks very slowly throughout the day. This can even be your last day at work it not taken seriously.

*NOTE: Sleep is very important to brain health and establishing good habits for effective sleep-sometimes called good sleep hygiene.


Scientific research studies shows some ways on how to improve your sleep:

#Have an internal brain clock sleep schedule

You should train your brain to have fixed sleep schedules. This means going to bed and waking up at the same time. This will enhance a sleep drive that you will be sleeping at the same time everyday. Do this everyday to create an ‘internal clock’ routine. This routine should not be skipped despite the holidays and weekends ahead in order to avoid certain hangovers during the day.

#Proper night meals

Taking junks on these evening meals is a way of stimulating insomnia. Avoid fatty meals like pizza. Dinner should be taken several hours before bedtime to enhance proper digestion. When you are about to sleep and you are already hungry, take a good mocktail. This will definitely take you to a good slumber land.

#Dark environment

A good dark room stimulates ‘sleep hormones’. Why do you think bats assemble in their pitch-black caves during daytime to sleep? Ensure that you switch off the lights before getting to bed and use heavy curtains to block outside light. In addition you may want to consider wearing blackout shades or even eye masks to block unnecessary light.

#Sleep immediately after exhaustion

First, you should keep away TV’s, computers and any work materials in your bedroom. This will lead to overworking oneself which is not healthy for your brain. As a result, your mental association between your bedroom and sleep will be strengthened. If you don’t fall asleep after a long tiresome day, do not force yourself to sleep as it will lead to disappointment. Simply, wake up and do some relaxing activities like listening to music or reading a novel. A cool shower will be more helpful as your body temperature fluctuations changes.

#Get comfy

Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow. This can be such a good health expenditure unless you don’t want to prioritize sleep in your crib. If you are using electric bed to warm your sheets make sure you switch off before sleeping to ensure conducive temperatures during slumber. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the maximum lifespan for a quality mattress is 10 years.



#Avoid caffein, alcohol and nicotine

For the coffee lovers, they clearly know that coffee contains caffeine that acts as a stimulant. Drinking coffee before getting to bed is making oneself have zero sleep. It makes one very active hence it’s difficult to sleep. Taking alcohol and cigarette may also disrupt the ‘sleep hormone’ from being released.

#Use light to advantage

After waking up from a good night sleep with no lights, use natural light to your advantage. Go outside the house and busk for sometime. This promotes good cardiac rhythms in the brain. Your internal brain clock is also kept on a healthy sleep-wake cycle. This leads to quality and consistent sleep.






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