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Lose your loose arm fat easily

Written by Marsha

It feels embarrassing sometimes when your extra fat is clearly visible on your arms. Waving to someone and the extra fat on your arm is swinging in its own tone. This kind of incident will make you to think that from now onwards you need to plan a workout to burn the extra fat.

We will discuss some exercises that you can perform to reduce the fat content on your arms. Regular exercise plan will take you to your goal. Let’s start discussing some of the helpful exercises for reducing the fat from arms.

Arm Circle:

This exercise is needed to be repeated for 30 seconds continuously. Stretch your arms sideways and begin to draw circles. Do this clockwise and anticlockwise. Keep the circle tight. Continuous repetitions of the sets will definitely show the results.


Triceps Dips:

Doing triceps dips will improve your triceps area of the arm. All the body weight falls on the triceps where you can do the workout. It will burn the fat from the area. Take out your feet and place hands behind your body. Give support to your palms on the floor and starts making some dips in and then out.

Pyramid Pulse:

Clasp the hands together making elbows touch each other. Raise them by maintaining 90 degrees. Keep your tummy tucked while doing it.

Slide Out and Ins with plates:

It is like triceps push up. Get in the push up position and start to slide your hands one by one in the forward direction.


Get in squat position and bend knees with straight body. Keep on repeating this. Doing this exercise for 60 seconds will help you.

Shoulder pushups:

Get in push up position and try to walk your shoulder and hands in front of you on the floor as shown in figure.

We have discussed the exercises that can prove to be helpful for reducing your arm fat. Continuous reputations and sets of 1 minute will definitely show the results. Try to do the exercises within the limits of your body. Do not over pressurize yourself. The injury can be avoided if you follow the routine and increase the difficulty level; gradually. Over pushing the limits sometimes proves harmful. If you ever feel pain, please consult your doctor. Doing exercises in wrong way sometimes starts pain the shoulder and wrists of your body. Do not ignore the injuries because at later stage than can rise up in intense form.

Doing the exercise in the sets for 1 minute period will reduce your arm fat. Within few weeks you will start seeing the change in the mirror. Your body will start to come back in shape. The moment of shame for showing your arm fat at any gathering can be saved now. Along with the exercises discussed above also keep healthy food meal plan for yourself. Reduce the intake of fat and sugar contents. Do not over eat if you really interested in achieving the goal.

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