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Natural remedies of tea

Written by Marsha

Since winter is here wowing us with its amazing tales, a subject disputed among people is the one regarding tea. When it’s cold outside a hot cup of tea, a comfortable sofa and a good book are all the things you need, right? Actually, the tea has some secrets beneath its amazing flavors. Tea is a good medicine. Our ancestors used only natural remedies for treating their diseases and they actually worked and healed them. Depending on the species, herbals can give you a large amount of health benefits.

Linden tea

Linden is a tall arbor up to 130 feet with small scented flowers. It has an emollient action due to its mucilage, it causes sweat when feeling cold, and antispasmodic action due to its flavonoids. Linen can act as a sedative over central nervous system and it’s a soft remedy which is favorably activated while having nervous disorder. For these symptoms, 2-3 cups a day, the last one before bed could be the best remedy for this disease.

Cranberry tea

Cranberries, the small red beads in spite of their size they have amazing healing power. They are believed to be good the urinary system and to prevent urinary tract infections due to their components. Besides their diuretic and disinfectant action they are also a great medicine for diabetes. Because they have a large amount of tannins it is not recommended to drink more than 1-2 cups of tea a day. Cranberries can also be eaten as dried. They are a great snack and they can be combined with other fruits in a mix or with yogurt for a better digestion.

Milfoil tea

Milfoil is one the medicinal plants used since the antiquity. Aerial parts of the plant as well as flowers are utilized in therapy. They are harvested while flowering and dried especially in airy spaces for a longer use. Its properties are owed to the volatile oils that the small flowers have. Milfoil is used as an antispasmodic, soothing plant and also as a good antibiotic. It doesn’t taste very well, but milfoil tea can be sweetened with honey and a slice of lemon for a better taste.

Milfoil tea

Dandelion tea

Dandelion known in the pharmaceutical field as Taraxacum officinale is a plant which the most used parts are the leaves and the flowers. Nowadays dandelion leaves known as rucola are used in salads or soups and they can be quite expensive. Its flowers are scentless but they taste bitterly. Still, they are used for loss of appetite, muscle aces, intestinal gas and also increases bowel moments due to its laxative action.

Valerian tea

Even its scientific class suggests, valere means to be healthy, to be strong in Latin. Valerian has different colors depending on their class. Usually it has a reddish, lilac pink or white color. The parts of this plant that are used are the roots together with its underground stem and it is harvested after the aerial part is sear. It is proper for sleepless people and because some of them are addicted to “sleeping pills” they are finding a good replacement in valerian tea. Moreover, valerian oil can be added to bath water to help with sleep disorders and restlessness.

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