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New year-new lifestyle

Written by Marsha

Thinking back to the year that just passed, you may find unpleasant the situations that you wanted to follow but eventually lost the importance of it. If you’re keen to make this year one to remember, try making some resolutions for it and start by changing the things you don’t like about yourself. And why not focusing on your lifestyle and your everyday diet? If you felt tired and with no mood for doing all the activities that were important to you, you should “reset” yourself and change entirely your diet.


At these gatherings many people state that they eat more than they should resulting is a high quantity of calories the body need to face. As the number of calories is high, your stomach begins to react too and you feel it overstuffed and painful. Whatever the occasion this is a difficult situation for your stomach because the digestion process in slower and you have to wait hours until all the food is digested.

It is said that after we say goodbye to a year that just past, the solution for losing the pounds gained after these holidays is not starving because this alternative could have harmful effects. Because of the sudden decrease of sugar level from blood, dizziness and lack of energy may accompany your daily mood. So food doesn’t have to be fully rejected from the menu, but you need to know what to eat and when to stop eating. Vegetable soups or foods with no dressing are less harmful for an overstuffed stomach and you can alternate these types of food with light salads for dinner.

Specialists say that hydration is the most important, this is why we should drink more water or green tea or fruits tea with no sugar, fruits and vegetable juice, diluted with water with the capacity of cleaning and hydrating our organism. As a breakfast, some cereals with milk or yogurt would be perfect. Vitamins, antioxidants, mineral salts and fibers contained in them help in regenerating the digestive system. A glass of natural yogurt, some oat biscuits are a proper meal just like a plate of fresh fruits or a salad. We should take care of our intestinal gut flora, this is why the consumption of dairy products daily is important. Also vegetables and fruits with a bitter taste like grapefruit or celery assure a good digestion.

After New Year’s Eve champagne, try to avoid alcohol for a period of time, especially if you drank too much- this also contributes to the regeneration of stomach. Fried meat, fried potatoes hard for the stomach to digest should be avoided and replaced with fresh vegetables and fruits. Although the alcohol is half poisoning and tonic, the dose makes the difference. In recommended doses it can accelerates the metabolism. But heavy drinking can affect the entire body especially the organs involved in the digestion system. The simple molecule of alcohol, the ethanol affects the body in many different ways and this is why a moderate consumption of alcohol is highly recommended.

All these being said, a new year must come with great plans and resolutions because as time passes we get older and we may not meet the opportunities twice in life.

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