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Noopept, the ultimate cognitive enhancer

Written by Marsha

Of all the newly introduced Nootropic supplements, Noopept is among the most effective of this products in today’s market. It’s been found to have profound effects in improving memory, enhancing ones learning capacity, improving concentration and focus.

This article is purposely meant to highlight a number of positive effects of Noopept, how it actually works, in what manner and how frequently is it supposed to be used, and the ways of combining it with other Nootropics to realize the desired results.

Review of Noopept benefit

Brain enhancement is one of the most sort out practices people tend to indulge and engage in to help improve intellectual capacities. Research has proven Noopept to be highly effective not forgetting the positive results realized by users. It has been found to actually increase a person’s memory together with the learning abilities. Another effect also includes improving ones speed of recall. Just as drugs work, different people reacting to them differently, so does the Noopept. Different people realize the results differently. Some previously less talkative people can have the ability to hold conversations for much long than usual and later be able to remember the details. Others have themselves remembering almost everything. Learning Capacities are also enhanced appropriately.

Noopept also has its effect on improving the mental energy, an effect that can be said to lift off brain fog. Most thing are easily clarified and requires less mental engagement with the continued use of Noopept. The concentration span is also greatly improved coupled with the concentration span and the focus.

Together with those most people have reported low anxiety and stress levels in their lives relating these effects to the usage of Noopept adding to its many effects.

The drive to achieve the motivation and even the productivity are also enhanced by Noopept. The supplement has a significant role in giving support to the overall health of the brain, this is why Noopept i considered to be a neuroprotectant, meaning that it’s able to shield neurons in the brain from being damaged. Noopept is also known to eliminate toxins and poisons from the body just as much as anti-oxidants. For this reason, noopept suppresses stress caused by oxidation. Researchers are also giving reasons to believe that it reduces damage from excessive intake of alcohol. The physiological effects it has in connecting both right and left hemispheres of the brain improves the overall brain communication. This gives room for a unique and interesting integration in the functioning and abilities of the different brain parts. It’s this process of integration that researchers have concluded to be the possible explanation to memory enhancements and the reduced anxiety realized by its users.

How Noopept works.

Noopept is absorbed and transported by the circulatory system to the brain it crossing the blood brain barrier without much constraints. From there it takes effect band is capable of reaching maximum concentration within a short time span of about 15-20 minutes ranking it among the fastest acting Nootropic supplements in the market today. After crossing the blood brain barrier, Noopept moves to particular Glutamate receptor sites located within the brain binding with the specific sites inhibiting Glutamate breakdown. Glutamate is one of the most powerful neurotransmitters related to cognitive function. To enhance activation, Noopept stimulates receptors making them more sensitive on Glutamate. The glutamatergic system is important for its role in the formation of memories, the learning process and other processes associated with increased interlectual intelligence.

Another efficient and a more natural way in which the Noopept works is by increasing the volume of oxygen in the brain.

Glucose, or otherwise known as sugar is one of the major sources of energy used by the brain, meaning that improved metabolism of glucose is subject to availability for tapping by the brain. Glucose metabolism is enhanced by Noopept, another natural way in which it works to enhance the intellectual capability of individuals.

Noopept Dosage.

The Noopept powder is to be used appropriately and effectively for the best results. The best way to use is to start slow and small, increasing over time as prescribed by specialists. This could mean beginning with as little as 5 mg twice or thrice a day. Some users eventually move to up to even 40 mg of the powder a day but the average amount usually lies about a range of 10-30 mg a day. Over dosage if the Noopept powder can lead to over stimulation of the Glutamate receptors. The reason for the evenly administration of the Noopept powder is to help and create an effective level of the powder within the body due to its short time span in the body.

Consumption of the powder can be through mixing with glass of water, it can also be put under the tongue so that it’s taken sublingually.

Noopept with other Nootropics.

At times situations can call for the combination of Noopept and other Nootropics for certain results. It’s a strategy though that is not recommend for beginners but for long time users to enhance the already present benefits.

Within the market, typically available Noopept stacks includes sources of choline such as Citoline or GPC. Some people combine Noopept and Nootropics that are known to offer different intellectual capabilities to have an experience of the wide array of Nootropics in the market. An example would be using Noopept that is aimed at reducing anxiety while at the same time increasing creative thought. One may also opt to take Noopept with a piracetam to potentiate the effects it has. There’s is a wide variety of Noopept stacks in the market with which one can experiment once he or she has gained how this supplement works independently.


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