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Piracetam, the original Nootropic.

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Learning sometimes depends on the mood and the motivation one has in relation to the subject in question to help enhance performance, scientists have been able to solve this by coming up with the Piracetam supplement that besides boosting the focus, concentration and the improved ability to remember it also has significant effects on mood improvements and motivation levels within the human body. Its general areas of occurrence include the central nervous system and the brain where it affects the activity of certain types of neurons. Further analysis of the drug also shows that it has an optimizing and a protective effect besides improving communication on the cerebral cortex, a section of the brain responsible for a couple of activities including: movement, perception, thought, reasoning learning and even actions. All these which are positively affected by the Piracetam.


Early history of piracetam.

It was the first supplement of the cognitive enhancing compounds manufactured by a Belgian lab in the Nootropic supplements, specifically the racetam family. Its scientific name being (2, ox, 1, pyrolidine acetamide). It mainly involved synthetic processing in the 1960s. The targeted section of the brain involves the activity of managing all the communication that happens involving the 2 hemispheres. Developing Piracetam brought with it the definition of a new set of supplements within the Nootropic family. The term being invented by the UCB Pharma group meaning “bend the mind” to illustrate how the drug works.

The chemical composition of the drug is more or less similar to that of the amino acid the only difference being a side chain that occurs singly. Over the last 40 years the drug has been issued under different names such as Stimucortex, Nootron, Nootropil, cerebrospan and many others.

Currently the drug is being used to curb the declining cognitive capabilities besides boosting its functionality.


Working mechanism of piracetam.

The mechanisms behind its function are not clearly known but the drug is believed to improve the permeability within the cell membranes. This in turn specifically helps in increasing oxygen dispersal and delivery to the cells of the brain. Another clear observation is the resultant increase in the overall circulation to neutral tissues, an effect which brings with neuroprotective importance to the synapses and neurons. The improved oxygen circulation also comes a lot more important to the tissue health as it keeps it nourished, prevents from decay as a result of aging while again protecting from normal damage. Elimination of waste products from the cell is also enhanced.

The membrane of the cells are also protected from a condition known as hypoxia and this lowers the chances of brain conditions usually due to insufficient oxygen and even stroke.

The supplement can also prevent reuptake of glucose and hence glucose metabolism is increased. This results to increased alertness and mental energy.

Piracetam also affects the calcium levels in the brain which in turn improves the potential of neurotransmission overall. Compared to Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, they both have structural resemblance but does not activate it.

The levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in the brain is also increased which improves mitochondrion function especially in the old people.

Journal reports in 1993 by a pharmacology, the supplement stimulates growth of neural connections by creating an interaction between the L glutamate receptors and the NMDA receptors which facilitate the growth besides regulating memory. This action being a key factor in prevention of cognitive decline among the aged.


Benefits and uses of piracetam.

Regular users of piracetam report physical benefits alongside a wide range of social mood and cognitive benefits. Some of key reasons why people go for this Nootropic include:

Learning and memory

Amongst the many benefits that piracetam brings along with it, the most reported is the enhanced memory and learning. Articles from as early as 1976 in pharmacology journals showed that administration of 1200mg of the supplement to users improved the overall recall and working memory. Research in 1991 by a New Zealand Drugs Aging journal concluded that the supplement through colossal transmission facilitated new learning and memory. That very research put forward the idea that Piracetam helps increase cholinergic activity.


Concentration and acetylcholine

The blood brain barrier is easily crossed by the supplement hence the interaction with glutamate receptors and acetylcholine, the particular parts of the brain involved in cognitive and memory responsibilities.

However effects differ from person to person with others reporting an overall increase in the thought process and memory. Others remembered the entire dream while others the specific details of events.

The focus and concentration, due to better blood circulation, are enhanced. The abilities to manipulate data, think and pay attention are also improved. Normal reading and writing tasks are handled with a lot of ease.


Sensory perception

An enhanced sensory perception due to an increment in the activity of acetylcholine is linked to the supplement. Users reported an overall increment in the functionality and reactivity of the senses. The act of recalling connecting and relating memories based on previous auditory and visual signs are also enhanced. Most first time users of the supplement tend to experience the effect besides the increment in the vibrancy of colors


An increase in the physical and mental energy is increased. This has a positive effect on the mood as it’s mainly heightened as reported by some users. Studies on individuals diagnosed with depression reported very promising results under the application of piracetam. Studies indicate depression syndromes in cerebrovascular deficiency. Stroke patients have added advantage since piracetam, besides brain circulation brightens mood and lowers depression. Furthermore the online anecdotal reports show that the supplement lessens sleep and anxiety disorders. Little is known of the working mechanics of piracetam in the particular area/



Efficient uptake and usage of oxygen causes an increase in the span of attention and alertness all as a result of action of piracetam in the brain. Fatigue is also curbed by the drug. Cerebrovascular insufficiency is also curbed as the supplement prevent damage of the neurons. Alcoholism can also be put in check by the drug.

Matters brain circulation is also influenced by the supplement. Just to add to the nutrient rich blood supplied to neurons, an anti-clotting capability is also posed by the drug. This is the reason it’s believed to have a relieving effect on the stroke victims associated with decline in their cognitive abilities based on the difficulty of blood flow within the brain. Sometimes Piracetam is administered directly after a stroke attack as a prophylaxis to avoid further damage based on the effects of clotting.


Dyslexia and Reading Disorders

A European psychiatry publication reported that the supplement was of great benefit to the kids diagnosed with reading disorders. Studies on about600 kids suffering from dyslexia had piracetam improving their reading comprehensions and verbal reasoning.


Old age and piracetam

To experience the full blown effects of the supplement one has to suffer from a degenerating cognitive abilities. It majorly improves the concentration, the reasoning ability and even improving memory. Cognitive decline and an overall short term working memory are randomly reported among the elderly. A trial involving a double blind dementia had Piracetam improving the neurological and psychological symptoms.


Side effects

Piracetam is soluble in water and hence eliminated via the urinary tract. This also makes difficult to overdose. It is nontoxic to the body when administered in a required range of dosage.

Reports on the harmful side effects of the overdose have never been heard of. Intentional overdose among the healthy people also shows no harmful side effect of the piracetam drug. This was illustrated in the pharmacopsychiatric journal in1999. Caffeine and a tablet salt are can be considered toxic compared to the piracetam drug as indicated by the 50 percent lethal dose on a population. Uses conclude that the supplement is tolerated just fine. A few side effects have though been reported but hardly a dozen have negative reactions. Headache, a mild one for that matter is the most common. Its remedy involves the administration of a choline supplement that helps in prevention of the over usage of the available acetylcholine amounts in the brain. Other unlikely experienced effects include drowsiness, anxiety, agitation and nervousness, they are however short term if ever they occur. Long term research on the supplement shows positive feedbacks.

Based on a neurological journal on patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s condition were administered 8 gm. of the supplement for a whole year, results indicated protection against continued decline in the cognitive abilities and enhanced memories. Side effects too were not realized as a result of the long term administration of the drug. People with great health need very little of the supplement. Sometimes the body can develop resistance to the functionality of the drug. Other cases have new users not being able to realize beneficial effects within the first two weeks and some not even at all. Some individuals require the supplement to accrue in the body to some significant amounts for the beneficial; effects to start being experienced. This can be solved by administration of an attack dose of slightly higher than the required amounts for a couple of days other than which a user has to give the supplement some time to get enough grounds within the body and start taking effect.


Interactions of the drug.

A few negative interactions by the drug warrant caution. These though are related to the effect of piracetam to cerebrovascular circulation. It’s advisable to usually check out the possible side effects associated to supplements before one begins to ingest the drug or combining with other prescribed drugs. They also should never be consumed under the influence of narcotics. A medical specialist should be consulted before one begins to use the Nootropics to make clear medical history of a patient to avoid uncertainties.



Large amounts of the supplement within the body coupled with a few bottles can pose serious health effects to individuals as the combination is generally toxic to the body as it can cause motor dysfunctions. Research indicated that piracetam can be used to treat the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism.

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The effect of stimulating prescriptions are amplified by the supplement. This however can lead to inability to concentrate, anxiety, irregular heart rate and even high blood pressure.


Blood thinners

The blood thinner medication can be dangerous when combined with piracetam as the latter can cause the clotting of blood. A combination that can result to excessive loss of blood and exaggerate the tissue and wound damage.

Save for the few piracetam is safe to consume alongside other Nootropics a variety of nutrients and even vitamins that help improve the cognitive abilities of individuals.


Administration of piracetam.

The supplement is administered over a wide range of doses with 400mg being the baseline dose and 800mg the median dose. This can be taken thrice a day with no toxic effects.

For starters the dosage may have to differ as it’s to be consumed in large amounts initially to realize the drugs full potentiality.

This can be achieved in two ways, the first being an attack dose or the loading zone. This practice applies to most supplements as it involves the administration of a triple or double dose for a given period of time and eventually reducing o the moderate doses. The attack dose technique is only applicable to the supplements soluble in water.

The second method involves letting the drug build in our bodies over a period of roughly 3 weeks. These consumers have to stick to the 1200 to 1600mg dosage range giving the dosage time to take effect.

Optimum results by the drug calls for optimum dosage. Research has been conducted many at times to help come up with the optimum dose of Piracetam and the general consensus was that once the drug level has sufficiently been built in the body, higher doses tend to yield better results compared to smaller doses. Users review indicated that a 4mg dosage brought fourth noticeable results working best between 1 to 4 hours after intake. This should enable proper planning to allow full exploitation of the drug in our daily routines.

The supplement exists both in pill and powder form. The latter is usually considered bitter by most users and hence mixed with sweet natural juices. The dose can be consumed all at once of administered evenly the entire day.


Stacks of piracetam.

The combination of complementing supplements usually leads to greater results as the effects aren’t only individual but the whole stack hence amplifying the effects of the supplements.

Three great variations that are perfectly in sync with piracetam include:


Cognitive supercharger

Choline with piracetam. Perhaps the most widely used combination as the effects of choline on memory concentration and even logical reasoning are well appreciated. Piracetam involves the utilization of choline store in the body and hence more of it is needed to help keep this effect in balance.

Memory booster

Racetam and piracetam. Oxiracetam and Aniracetam are known to mix perfectly with piracetam creating an enhanced memory and concentration benefits.

Brain fog banisher

Choline in combination with caffeine and vinpocetine with piracetam have a positive effect on the circulation within the brain when combined an effect that greatly boosts the acuity and mental clarity. Choline offers support to the neuroplasticity while caffeine boosts energy levels.


User review on piracetam.

Many piracetam users have reported positive reactions to the drug as it’s known for its tolerability and almost zero toxicity levels. Overdose effects have not been reported even when calculating the baseline dosage in achieving effects.

Some of the themes posted on the online review system of the supplement include:

Perfect recall for stored memories

One of the most realize effects is on the memory enhancement. Users are able to recall the minute and fine details of events seen, written or even heard of including those of when they were kids.

Elimination of mental fog

Improved communication, productivity due to reduction of mental lethargy are effects the piracetam brings along with it to users experiencing brain fog.

Vivid dreams

While there exists other drugs that help in vividity of the dreams, piracetam too has some effects on the dream when administered sometime late in the day. Some users have had to compare the experience to that associated with being stars in movies.


Is one of the few negative effects the drug brings along with it? Can occur immediately after taking the or at the end of a dose. This can however be regulated by use of choline alongside piracetam as it’s noted to do away with the tiredness all together.


Legality of piracetam.

The inability to acquire formal testing rather than unavailability of product safety has had its contributing factors to the non-legalization of piracetam by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Other countries have had in use for decades now and it’s even prescribed by medical personnel. The supplement is not a control substance as its legal hence the legality to consume buy or even poses. This happens to be a particular category controlling most holistic and dietary health supplements under alternative medicine heading. The drug is largely bought online through websites, therefore making it easy to ship to the USA.

Within the UK, things are a little bit more different especially when it comes to personal use. Users must have prescription for them to be able to buy within the country. Its largely used and bought in Asia, Canada Europe and America.


Piracetam is usually considered the best Nootropic supplement for beginners. With. It’s non-toxic and absolutely safe to use on a daily basis. It’s got a proven history on its fight of cognitive decline and an improvement in the memory effects. Due to better circulation and improved communications between the neurons, Piracetam helps provide a healthy functioning of the brain even in old age.




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