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Review of alpha GPC as the best source of choline

Written by Marsha

To what extent can Alpha GPC be compared to other supplements of choline in the market today? Choline is an essential nutrient that is soluble in water with close relation to the Vitamin B complex family. As type of phospholipid, it takes part in the creation of cell membranes in the brain neurons. Choline being the primary precursor molecule of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, it takes up a crucial role in the enhancement and creation of memory as well as other cognitive processes. This neuron further maintains the health of the brain by protecting brain neurons.

One who has ever considered taking choline supplements, you may have heard of the choline commonly known as Alpha GPC. This is one of the highly most recommended sources of choline especially when accompanying it with other Nootropics. You may opt to purchase Alpha GPC independently and use it with other Nootropic drugs such as Aniracetam, Noopept or Piracetam. Likewise, Alpha GPC can be found in other like the Alpha Brain. The question therefore remains to be how Alpha GPC can be compared to other acetylcholine and choline supplements in the market.

Choline and Good Health.

Choline has over the years been known to be an essential nutrient for the human brain and human body as a whole. The first discovery of this nutrient was made in 1864 by Adolph Strecker who then moved it to the labs for chemical synthesis in 1866.

It is in the early research years of insulin, it was deemed necessary for choline to be used in preventing Fatty Liver conditions thereby assisting in the regulation of cholesterol levels. This led to its classification by the Food and Nutrition Board of the US Institute of Medicine as an essential nutrient in 1998. The body is able to manufacture choline but it is in smaller amounts which therefore brings out the need for taking in supplements in order to ensure availability whenever need arises. Foods such as beef, liver and eggs also contains choline in smaller amounts.

Expectant mothers should ensure that they take in enough choline supplements as it is very important for their unborn babies. Lower levels of choline can therefore lead to the development of neural tube defects leading to impairment of the child’s memory. Women with higher intake of choline are also seen to be less prone to breast cancer. Studies conducted on rats have also shown that the intake of choline at conception gave rise to offspring with higher IQ scores.

Lower levels of choline in the body may lead to atherosclerosis, liver disease and other neurological diseases. It may also lead to an increase in the amounts of specific enzymes in the liver like ALT. there are many benefits which are advantageous, the main reason why many people opt to go for this supplement is because it helps in improving their brain capacity and intellect. Choline acts an amplifier to the effects brought about by other cognitive enhancers.

Significant gains in memory, analytical learning, mental fluidity and brain energy can be felt or experienced by one using piracetam Choline Stack. The increase in demand for more acetylcholine by certain brain receptors is basically caused by the creation of synergy from choline sources. In addition to this, choline is a great component that assists in eliminating certain Piracetam side effects such as headaches.

Reasons why Alpha GPC is considered to be the best.

Phosphatidylcholine and Soy Lecithin are among the most commonly used sources of choline. They are both elements that can be found in foods or supplement sources which are sold in local nutritional shops although they are both inefficient of nutrients. The concentration of pure choline in Lecithin is around 6-10% and can be improved up to 13% by taking phosphatidylcholine. This is however not very helpful because most of the the supplements are not absorbed by the blood. Meaning that a higher percentage of what you take in does not maximumly suit its purpose. You can also get Choline directly from the food you eat although this may have numerous side effects which are unintended. You may opt to take 8 yolks of eggs on a daily basis, but this is not advisable because it would significantly raise your cholesterol levels to the extreme. Beef liver is yet another option but the expenses incurred in order to ensure a steady supply of choline in right amounts will definitely prove to be a challenge. Changing diets is a good way of taking in choline but it is advisable that you take in supplements in order to notice cognitive enhancements.

Choline Bitartrate.

This is a fairly cheap product for use that you can consider to buy and use. Numerous Nootropic users prefer stacking this choline source with other supplements like Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Noopept and even Piracetam. This is the highest source of concentrated choline compared to all the other mentioned sources.

It is also better placed with the ability to change into the neurotransmitter Aectylcholine essential for enhancing many cognitive processes and and memory. The main and only shortcomings of this source of choline is that it has limited crossing capacity through the blood brain barrier. This is unfortunate as numerous potential effects are wasted as it must first make way to the central nervous system before redistribution for nootropic improvement.

Best sources of Choline.

There exists three main sources of choline that perform an effective task at crossing the blood brain barrier making it a similar experience of nootropic effects. All these have the ability to work independently and can also be stacked with other Racetam supplements.

Soy Lecithin is highly concentrated in Alpha GPC that can work effectively as an Acetylcholine precursor. Centrophenoxine is an extravagantly powerful synthetic version acquired from  DMAE resulting in higher amounts of Acetylcholine majorly due to the transformation of phospholipid

The this available option is Citicoline also known as CDP Choline. It is an effective source despite the fact that it has to undergo double conversion. From these options, people tend to believe Alpha GPC is the best supplement for choline that is available in the markets. This is technically because it uses a different path altogether for increasing the level of acetylcholine found in the brain. Research currently shows that Alpha GPC has the best and most ideal path or transport route to the brain compared to all the other supplements. In comparison with its closest competitor CDP Choline, it is more concentrated with a dose of 46% containing equal amounts. Various clinical observations have revealed that this product is more effective on weight basis.

Despite being more expensive than Citicoline and CDP Choline, you would be paying much less per dose because it is twice as strong. The standard dose for Alpha GPC is in a range of 250mg to 500mg but other sources may require that you take double this amount or dose. Alpha GPC is completely safe when used as prescribed. A number of individuals experience mild discomfort when they opt to use more than the dose prescribed for them. These effects are however not common with choline supplements.

It is however not necessary or mandatory that you resolve to using Alpha GPC for equal results as taking more CDP Choline. Avoiding phosphatidylcholine and Lecithin as sources of choline is therefore the best advice. This is because they are both not concentrated enough to make the user experience real nNootropic effects. In case you ate pressed for time and money, you can go for this product although you will realize that it is only moderately effective. You have the freedom of choosing between Alpha GPC, CDP Choline or Centrophenoxine. It is therefore ideal that you give all three products a try then decide on which one suits you best.

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