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Say NO to chapped lips

Written by Marsha

When it comes to chapped lips, this is one of the few flaws which can change a perfect design to a completely imperfect one: our lips so exposed to sun, wind and other factors do not have their own sebaceous glands to keep them moisturized. They don’t contain too much melanin, our skin pigment which offers us a layer of protection against sun. As sun rays are becoming more and more toxic, it comes without saying that lips have to suffer if they aren’t protected. So if you want to have soft and moisturized lips, give them the proper treatment.

What causes chapped lips?

Dry, irritated, cracked lips might also be painful. Their drying might be caused by cold and dry winter weather, by solar burns, allergic reactions, high temperature or because of the simple fact that you wet them very often. If your lips are continuously dry, drink 8 glasses (250 ml) of water a day or even more if you can. Even if it won’t avoid the lips to dry, it will stop the aggravation of this problem. Keeping hydrated is seen not just in our skin but also in our lips.

Exfoliate the lips

It is important to know that cracked lips, like cracked skin, need to be exfoliated. In order to get the wanted result, you don’t have to forget about this step in the lip care routine. The home remedy for exfoliating you lips is the ordinary toothbrush. When you brush your teeth, during morning or during night, remember to gently “brush” you lips as well. It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds and it has an amazing result in combination with a proper and efficient lip balm.


Use lip balm

A natural balm is beeswax which can be found in drugstores. To be more effective, use it always before going out of the house. Some persons use cocoa butter to heal chapped lips (it is also good for cracked skin). Apply this four times a day or even more if the lips are very dry. Another remedy might be olive oil which soothes and moisturizes very well the chapped lips. Also, the capsules of vitamin E are beneficial for lips treatment. Cut a capsule into half and apply the content on the lip. This will start working immediately.

Other remedies

A creamy, dark lipstick helps in protecting lips against the sun action and keeps them damp on the inside. Try eating aliments high in vitamin B like fish, meat, cereals, nuts and green veggies. The shortcoming of these vitamins may result in cracked lips. Avoid wetting your lips. The saliva hydrates the lips only for a moment leaving the lips drier than before. Moreover, saliva contains digestive enzymes which dry the tissues.

Sometimes, even if you take care of your lips they can still be dry. In such cases make sure to consult the doctor. The drying of your lips may be caused by an oral infection. An allergic sensitivity caused by different ingredients from the toothpaste or your lipstick ingredients could as well determine the long period of cracked lips. Be careful with what you use and make sure to know when to stop if something harms your skin.

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