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Signs that you are dehydrated

Written by Marsha

In our daily life we become so busy that we sometimes forget things that are essential for our life. Humans cannot survive without water and air. Taking less amount of water will not kill you but fewer amounts can arise some health issues. Water drinking schedule in a day must be 4 to 6 glasses daily. Monitoring of your water intake is a first step for healthy life settlement. Never miss water drinking habit continuously throughout the day. Healthy soft skin and healthy lips can make any woman look beautiful.

Sometimes we do not give attention to the water intake quantity that we take daily. Keeping your body hydrated continuously makes you healthy and full of energy. Healthy body makes your day more productive. Having daily work pressure to do the work can be achieved only by keeping your body healthy. Water is an important factor to keep your body healthy.

Signs to watch for dehydration:

  1. Chapped Lips:

Chapsticks are definitely not the solution for dehydrated lips. It is time to give serious thinking about your water intake. Try to increase your water intake for keeping your lips and body hydrated. Lips speak about the health condition of a person. Dehydrated lips show that the health of person is not well.

  1. Dry and Itchy Skin:

The signs of dehydration can easily be identified from your skin. If you have dehydrated skin and itches are continuously producing problems than it is time to add water intake to your daily diet. In order to have healthy, smooth and soft skin keep you dehydrated. Instead of using creams for the soft skin, use our tip of being dehydrated.


  1. Dry mouth:

Thirst is the easy sign to judge for dehydration. Dry mouth from inside can be a good indication that your water content in body is low. Taking caffeinated beverages increase this dryness. Use water instead for hydrating yourself. Try to avoid drinking too much of soft drinks or soda. It is not good for health to drink sodas to keep you hydrated.

  1. Headaches:

When you get headache and it is not easing out easily. You look for medicines for quick relief. You must also asses the water intake. Sometimes less amount of water intake can result in headaches. There are other reasons for headaches also but dehydration can be one of the reasons also. Headaches can be cured by drinking water glass.

  1. Tiring easier:

When you start to do your cardio and get tired easily. Quick tiring when you take less water makes you to stop the exercise in between. The energy looses quickly in a dehydrated body. To keep your schedule of cardio workouts for continuous 30 to 45 minutes than you need take water before starting the cardio. Keeping your water glass of water ready one to two hour before of the schedule helps you to improve the dehydration problem.

Keep drinking water with a schedule throughout the day to keep your body healthy. Water drinking can make you look beautiful. It is the health gaining ingredient that is available in nature free of cost.

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