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Simple stretches for a stressed body

Written by Marsha

Stretching is an important step of the working out routine. It was debatable whether stretches have such an importance. Some may consider that they don’t help at all in reducing muscle soreness after an intense workout others think that stretching helps you in improving your joint range of motion as well as preventing any risk of injury. Studied or not, it is certain that for de-stress, a good stretch is the remedy. While the studies regarding this form of relieving stress are still going on, understand the benefits of stretching.

Firstly, breathing is the most important step of stretching. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this for a few times with your eyes closed and you will easily feel more relaxed. Be aware that stretching is not a warm up before a workout routine. Your muscles are cold, and you may injury and hurt yourself. Stretch after doing the exercises, when the muscles are warmed up and tense. Also make sure not to push too far with stretching because it is not aimed to make you feel pain, but decrease the tension from the muscles.

Shoulder and neck stretches

These stretches have you sitting in your chair. Take the ear to your shoulder and from there you can easily use your opposite hand to gently apply a little bit of extra pressure. You should feel the stretch through the side of your neck and all the way down to your shoulder. Hold this pose for at least 20 seconds and slowly move to your other side. Also make sure to breathe while you’re stretching and allow the oxygen to penetrate your lungs and from there, your blood.

While you’re sitting, do some shoulder rolls for fixing the hunching forward. Think about the shoulders coming up to your ears, back and down. Roll them to the back, making sure not to roll them forward because the stretch releases more tension while rolling backwards.

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is known in yoga for stretching your lower back and arms as well as relaxing the entire body. Lower yourself into this pose with patience and gently moves. For this pose you will need a mat. First, begin in a table top position facing forward. Walk your palms a little bit out from underneath your shoulders. Inhale while looking forward and while exhaling, press in your palms and send your sit-bones back to kiss your heels. This is a great pose for taking a breath, cooling off the body and resting.


Downward Dog

This pose strengthens the arms, calves, hands and legs. It also energizes the body and helps in relieving stress. Come onto the floor on your hands and knees. Drop your elbows in the direction of the wrists. Simply walk your knees back letting the spine fall in line and arch. Take a couple of breaths here. While inhaling, slowly walk your knees back forward, crawling your toes under and gently grow into a downward facing dog pose. Relax your head and neck while paddling the feet. Then gently, come back on your mat in a child’s pose for full rest.

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