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Skinny black dress workout

Written by Marsha

I am sure you have been seeing the black dress hanging in your closet daily and dreaming that one day you will be wearing the dress at some special occasion. As the time passes your body shape is also going out of shape. You have this doubt that this dress is not going to fit you. One day when you dare to wear it, guess what happens it does not fits you. To avoid such situation and wear back your black dress, you can follow the following workout plan consisting of few workouts. By following theses workouts by taking sixty seconds between them can get you back to your shape. All the exercises discussed here must be followed after taking advice from your doctor. If you have some medical history and you are feeling pain doing some of the moves, than please do not do it.

We have given five workout moves to make sets. Always take break in between few exercise moves and sets. Doing continuous exercise moves can burn the fat quick but over exercise can even hurt your muscles. Try to start with little time duration routine for first week. After few days of workout, take a day break in between the days. After successful following the routine for first week increase the exercise intensity. Keep on increasing one week after one week. Every week you will feel some change in your body figure. The more you try strictly, closer you get to your dream of wearing mini black dress.

1. Reverse Plank with Leg Raise:

In this workout you will be facing the ceiling and lying on the floor like a plank. Raise your leg in the air for few seconds than another. Do this move for 1 to 2 minutes for some time. Take break in between if you feel little pain in starting.

2. Burpee:

The burpes can be tough sometimes and you need to do it properly to see the super results. They can be energy consuming but it burns fats fast. Injuries can occur doing this move. Be careful while doing this workout.

burpee3. Push-up with Hand raise:

Push-ups are one of the hardest workouts to do. If you want to wear your black dress than you need to do it in a way in which you have to raise your hands one at a time. Rising one had straight ahead in front of you. In this way your body weight comes over one hand. Try to take care of your wrist while doing this move.

4. Tiptoe Pile Squat:

Burn your quad fat and get them back in shape with this one. Shaping your ass and thighs can make you look sexy. Make your legs sexy and hot by doing this workout move. Men always find women ass and thighs sexy. Good shaped legs in high heels appeal them unstoppable. Spice up the look doing this one.

5. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick:

Kicking addition in the same old move can spice up this move.

Following the workouts that we discussed above will definitely make you wear your favorite black dress. Regular exercises will keep you in shape and it will never make you think before wearing your favorite dresses.

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