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Sunifiram review as a Nootropic

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One of the latest Nootropic supplement in the market that currently displaying initial promising results is the Sunifiram. The Sunifiram can be classified under the Empakine family of such Nootropic supplements as it’s an AMPA Agonist as a supplement. A number of customer reviews currently suggest that it is similar to the Piracetam in terms of performance but a thousand times more effective than Piracetam for the same given amount or dosage.

It is most effective when it comes to memory boost, improving an individual’s concentration plan, alertness, decision making as well as learning processes. Sunifiram can as well grow to become one of the best or most preferred and popular Nootropic study aids to enhancing concentration according to initial user experiences and review.

What is Sunifiram?

Sunifiram is a Nootropic supplement first studied in 2000. It can also be referred to as 1-benzoyl-4-propanylpiperazine. Despite having more or less similar chemical structures with the piracetam, it is believed to be more effective than Piracetam which is widely used. The Nootropic supplement is currently subjected under tests to investigate whether the Nootropic can be used in treating Alzheimer and other cognitive deficiency related diseases. Sunifiram logs and user reviews point out the fact that Sunifiram assists in enhancing memory.

It can be compared to Noopept due to their equal measure in potency levels. A number or researches that were initially carried out suggested that Noopept is keen on increasing alertness while the Sunifiram is much better at memory enhancement.

Benefits and effects of Sunifiram.

Sunifiram is similar to a number of other recatams as it works by stimulating the same receptors but in different ways. The stimulation of AMPA receptors is the primary effect felt after taking Sunifiram. Clinical studies showed that patients who were given AMPA antagonist NBQX followed by Sunifiram had increased activity of the AMPA receptor. The AMPA receptors are charged with the responsibility of keeping in check the amount of glutamate produced by the brain.

Glutamate is likely to be the greatest and most important neurotransmitter that is located in the brain. It is partly responsible for passing on excitatory transmissions creating a connection between the synapses as well as regulating the survival of brain cells. It is involved with both synaptic plasticity and brain metabolism. With too little glutamate, your cognitive abilities would be greatly impaired resulting into a smaller concentration span, difficulty in remembering and lower learning abilities. It is in such circumstances that Sunifiram comes in. It helps in reversing this condition by increasing glutamate levels in the brain. This Nootropic supplement makes it much easier to learn new concepts and recall information.

Just like Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Piracetam and other Racetam supplements, Sunifiram alters the levels of Acetylcholine in the human brain. Studies over time have therefore shown that by taking more Sunifiram, you would be creating a conducive environment for the release of more neurotransmitter. An increase in the presence of Acetylcholine in cerebral cortex leads to an improvement in the ability to learn, alertness, memory and focus, perception and thinking. It makes it much easier for both right and left brain hemispheres to ideally communicate thus the recognition of connections and patterns more effectively.

Review and experiences of Sunifiram.

Reports that Sunifiram feels like a stimulant such as Adderall have been made and recorded by those taking it. It is however quite fortunate that Sunifiram does not bring about the same negative side effects that are often witnessed upon taking amphetamine-based ADHD drugs. Many people would prefer taking Sunifiram in order to increase their concentration span as well as avoiding procrastination of school work or any other awaiting tasks. Some individuals carried out experiments on themselves with Sunifiram before going out for weight loss and body building workouts.

Intake and Dosage of Sunifiram.

This particular Nootropic drug is probably the most concentrated among all the Racetams including Pramiracetam which is the strongest. With a dosage as low as 4mg, you would be able to experience positive effects. Many people prefer taking between 5 and 8mg at a given time. With a 10mg dose, you are likely to feel a stimulant effect which is almost equal in nature to Adderall. Despite not having any serious side effects, you are however likely to experience increased perspiration and body temperatures. You can therefore opt to start with a smaller dose measuring about 3mg which is technically about half for your first week. Increase this dose only when you are ready and comfortable.

Buying Sunifiram online.

Despite not being sold widely in the United States of America, there are a number of websites in which you can be able to purchase Nootropics. For a supply of two grams of this product, you’ll averagely need to pay roughly $40. It seems to be expensive but when you look at the potency for the price, it turns out to be incredibly high compared to other Nootropic supplements. You can therefore consider buying this Nootropic and inform us of your personal experience with the product. If by any chance you’re not able to find this product, Noopept can be considered to be the best alternative as it has near similar cognitive benefits and potency levels.


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