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The importance of breakfast

Written by Marsha

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel the need to eat a healthy and tasty breakfast? An old quote said that in the morning you should eat like a king and in the evening like a beggar. Truth is, many people skip this meal or don’t eat a plentiful breakfast. Morning meals are recommended because they are supposed to give you energy for the entire day. The breakfast should be rich in grains, foods with calcium and proteins, fruits with vitamins and minerals to keep us active for daily activities.

Advantages of breakfast

When you think of breakfast the most boring part of the day pops into your mind because you are sleepy with no desire to wake up but you know this is a must and you have no choice. So you choose to either serve a quick breakfast or serve no breakfast at all. Well, here are some reasons why the part of the day shouldn’t be avoided and why it brings so many advantages in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

  • Breakfast helps stimulating and accelerating metabolism and therefore encourages burning calories rather than storing them.
  • Breakfast helps preventing hunger and so you feel your stomach overfilled and you won’t be tempted to eat unhealthy snacks anymore.
  • Breakfast improves memory and concentration levels. Also, the mood will be improved for those who enjoy this meal of the day, compared to people who do not serve breakfast.


Breakfast ideas

It is believed that people who don’t skip this part of the day regularly feel more alert, less prone to obesity and healthier in general with reduced chances of presenting any kind of diseases. As far as breakfast in concerned, here are some ideas of what you can eat in the morning.

  • Scrambled eggs – cut 15 centimeters of a whole grain bread and cover it with half of a omelette, then add some cheese and a sauce. Next to this add some fruits for extra nutrients. Ones say that a healthy breakfast should contain one dose of each of the food groups: grains, dairy and fruit and about 20 grams of proteins (found in the eggs for example).
  • Peanut butter and a smoothie – add milk, yogurt, frozen bananas and one spoon of flax seeds and mix them all in a blender. You will obtain a healthy smoothie with lots of vitamins which will also provide a good digestion because of the flax. In addition, you can combine this drink with peanut butter for more energy.
  • Pancakes – they bring happiness to all young children. Mix a banana with eggs, peanut or almonds butter, cinnamon and vanilla. Once the ingredients are incorporated, start cooking them in a pan creating different attractive shapes. They will give you the necessary amount of proteins and for those who like cinnamon, it is generally used to stimulate the brain functions and to keep you more lucid in your decisions during the day.


People who eat cereals during breakfast have fewer weight problems than those who don’t. Also, breakfast consumers are represented by those who fought against obesity and were taught to have a balanced and healthy diet. If breakfast skipped, you tend to eat more during the day, which means more calories and if you choose to serve breakfast in the morning, you divide the calories throughout the day.

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