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The perfect meditation oils for divine pleasure!

Written by Marsha

There is perhaps no person on this earth who is not stressed out; even the babies as young as one-year-old feel stressed out when they are hungry as they cannot express their feelings the way we do. Stress is an eternal truth that cannot be avoided. But we can definitely reduce its impact on our mental and physical well-being with the help of relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga.

Meditation was also the way the saints in the earlier times treaded to attain the stage of tranquility where nothing in this world could affect them, either positively or negatively.

But, we do want to enjoy the positivity of life and the best way to derive maximum positive energy from meditation is to use essential oils. Here are some of the best essential oils that you can use during your meditation routine for enhanced benefits.

Grapefruit – The Citrus paradise

Grapefruit dissolves the blocks in your emotional energy such as self-blame and frustration. It can bring about a clarity of thoughts and actions. It will quieten the ever chattering mind and keep it in the ‘Present’. It brings inspiration and can be used to remove negativity.


Lavender promotes peace and soothes grief. It balances the energy centers of the body and brings in a positive energy. It promotes spiritual growth and allows you to integrate spirituality into your everyday life. It promotes compassion and the stabilizing and comforting emotions of the heart. Lavender allows you to let go of malice, bitterness and even jealousy. It can promote the sensual comfort and allows you to experience a joyful love.

Jasmineum officinale

Jasmine harmonizes and unites the opposites to promote the wholeness. It relaxes, soothes and lifts the spirits. It promotes the feelings of sensuality and love by connecting sexuality with spirituality. It also promotes artistic and creative development.


Juniper Berry

Juniper strengthens your spiritual will and clears the negative energies. It protects against the negative influences by cleansing and detoxifying the subtle bodies. It restores confidence and increases self-worth. It helps to dispel the mental stagnation and promotes the inner vision. It assists in the union of our conscious and subconscious minds thereby promoting effective communication with spirituality.

Frankincense –B.carteri

Frankincense is used to awaken your spiritual purpose and reconnect yourself with the divine presence. It can slow down your heart rate and breathing, normalize your blood pressure and also reverse the aging of the body. It comforts and stabilizes your emotions. When used during meditation, it can promote a state in which you will have a better ability to receive and internalize the healing energies.

These essential oils can be sprayed in the area around you before beginning the meditation practice. You can also put the blend on the pulse points of your wrist or dab it on your third eye.

Meditation together with the use of these essential oils can bring about wonderful benefits. It offers a healthy way to get rid of stress. It will certainly help the ‘better’ in you to emerge from its hiding place somewhere deep inside you and make you a relaxed and confident person!

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