How to treat a sore eye

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Redness, itching and sensitivity to light are some of the symptoms of dry eyes. A small particle of sand or dust feels like a sharp boulder for such a sensitive organ like the eye. And if your eyes dry out because of the wind it is hard to focus on one thing particularly. You wouldn’t want the dark circle rings under your eye. Fortunately, you can fix this problem as easily as breathing.

Keep your eyes clean

If a dust particle irritates your eyes, try to easily move your eye in all directions while your upper eyelid is caught between your fingers. If the eye doesn’t produce too many tears, add a sterile liquid or artificial teat for washing it. In case this doesn’t work and the eye is still irritated use a pharmaceutical liquid proper for cleaning.

What causes sore eyes?

Any activity that requires intense use of the eyes – such as extended amounts of driving or reading -can cause eye fatigue. One of the most common causes of eye fatigue is staring for long periods at digital devices such as: computer screens, smartphones, video games. This type of eye strain affects 50-60% of population because many of them are computer workers. This problem is expected to grow as many people are using smartphones as well.

Tears and blinking

Tears save because they clean the eyes counteracting the dehydrating effects of dry air. Without tears, eyes become irritated and red. As we grow old, we produce less tears; this is one of the reasons why old persons deal with the problem of red eyes more than young ones. Blinking is a natural process which helps in cleaning the eyes. People usually blink about 18 times per minute in order to refresh the eyes. Studies showed that there is a tendency of blinking less often while staring at a computer screen and this can result in dry, tired and itching eyes.

Ordinary treatments

Sleep more. The absence of sleep may result in dry and red eyes because the blood vessels are dilated. Eat bananas everyday to reduce the dryness. Bananas contain potassium which helps in controlling the balance of sodium and liquid exchange from cells. Add a spoon of flaxseeds oil to your morning juice or cereals. This is a good source of omega fatty acids. Tears don’t consist only of water they also contain fatty acids and mucus. For healthy tears, eat almonds or fish which are plentiful of these essentials. Dip a cotton pad into cold water and apply it on the closed eye. This is efficient in case your eyes are sore and itchy produced by an allergy. Low temperature makes the blood vessels contract, while the water keeps the eyes damp. You can also use an instant eraser to help in such issues.

Wear glasses

When you’re doing chores that involve dust and dirt, use protection glasses (for example when you sweep the floor). Wear swimming glasses if the pool water was disinfected with chlorine. Wear sunglasses while exposed to sunlight. These can also protect you from the windy days.


Makeup is a frequent cause of irritation. Choose hypoallergenic brands and if you are applying a cream on the upper eyelid make sure not to irritate your eye. Avoid as much as possible cigarette smoke. If you smoke, you’ll probably notice that after you give up on cigarettes your eyes will feel better.

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