Vitamins are extremely essential for the human body

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Vitamins are extremely essential for the human body”, it is one of the most common lines that people grew up hearing. However, not even half of world’s population takes this line serious. People usually think that vitamins are important to get extra nutrition and power in your body. To them, vitamins are more like supplements that if not taken won’t hurt much. However, today it is extremely important that one should understand that vitamins are the basic necessity of human life. Vitamins are very important for the right growth of the body. Lack of vitamins deficiency can lead to a lot of problems; some of them are extremely dangerous.


The first and the foremost effect that is caused by the lack of the vitamins in human body is growth. Vitamins play an extremely important role in the growth of the human body. Bones need right amount of vitamins to grow. The lack of vitamins can cause you to suffer from osteoporosis which is a deadly disease in which the bones of the body starts to crack on doing minor activities like going for a long run.


Lack of vitamins in your body can end up with causing vision problems. Some important vitamins like Vitamin A is extremely important for the eyes. The lack of vitamin in your body can lead you to vision problems which can further lead you to permanent blindness. The vision problem or blindness caused by the lack of vitamins is fetal and usually incurable.


There are a lot of people today who are found complaining about the weakness they feel all day long and find themselves unable to do so. Well, the reason behind this unknown weakness is the deficiency of vitamin D in the human body. Vitamin D3 is extremely important for the muscles. The lack of Vitamin D3 in the human body weakens the muscles which ultimately lead to the body pain and continuous weakness.

Low blood pressure is also usually the result of the lack of Vitamin D3 in the human body. The deficiency of the Vitamin D3 leads to the low sugar level which also causes low blood pressure in the body. The low blood pressure can cause dizziness and other problems.

low blood pressure

Shortness of breath

One of the major impacts that vitamin deficiencies normally imply on the body is ‘shortness of breath’. It has generally been associated with the low or no intake of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a body essential as it helps in making children and adults stronger through reinforcing the immune system and also providing it with vital nutrition. Its absence or little presence in the human body is known to develop ‘Scurvy’, which is a well-known condition that is linked with Vitamin C deficiency, and one of its key characteristics is the shortness of breath.


Feeling tired is one thing but being dizzy is a different symptom; it is induced when individuals have a hard time concentrating, understanding or are in a state of mental confusion. This sort of a situation is normally associated with particularly two vitamins known as Niacin and Thiamine which is better known as Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine). It can also inculcate due to low or no intake of the mentioned vitamins however other vitamins may also effect the mental condition of an individual.

Skin Rashes

Perhaps the most common and most occurring effect that is seen in people with vitamin deficiencies is the presence of skin rashes and that they may experience them without any particular reason or allergy. These skins rashes have been inclined with deficiency of a number of vitamins such as A, C, Riboflavin (VitaminB12), Vitamin B-6
and Biotin.

The list may get a bit longer still but what one must do is properly administer the right dosage of these vitamins through his or her diet or through the advice of any physician.

Weight loss

Weight loss has normally been a feature of deficiency of Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine) however, there are other vitamins too which lead may indirectly lead to weight loss due to various reasons. Low VitaminB12 for example can lead to damage to the digestive organs and Biotin
which leads to an upset stomach which consequently leads to loss of appetite and thus resulting in tremendous weight loss.

If you ever see a serious dip in your weight then be sure to increase your intake of vitamins through natural foods or go for consultation with your doctor for better advice.

Unsteady movements

Lack of certain vitamins can cause unsteady movements in individuals, this may be in the form of simple jerks or may even aggravate to seizures. If you ever feel anything of the sort or hear any of your friends talking about this sort of a thing then you are advised to alleviate this problem through a proper healthy vitamin-rich diet.

Mental confusion or forgetfulness

The mental state of a person should also be kept under check specifically in the case when searching for vitamin deficiency in any person. If a person continually experiences forgetfulness or low mental awareness of the present events then he is probably having alarming low intake of vitamins.

Particularly three vitamins known as, B-1 (Thiamine), Niacin (Vitamin B12) and Biotin are necessary for proper functioning of the brain hence any deficiency or lack of intake of these vitamins is sure to cause mental disturbance.

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Some final words

After going through the paragraphs above you are sure to identify and learn the various problems and disorders that low or no vitamin intake can cause in apparently healthy and fit individuals. The importance of vitamins can also be extracted from the above text as it clearly highlights its essentially for both physical and mental fitness.

To avoid any such hassle and a visit to the doctor’s office you just simply need to balance the diet you are currently taking in order to adjust the perfect amount of vitamins into it. However, if you experience some of the severe repercussions caused due to lack of vitamins then hurry to a specialist physician and do not try anything on your own.

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