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Weight loss consequences

Written by Marsha

Losing weight is every girl’s wish. Even if a girl is skinny from others’ point of view, she can never be content with her way of looking and can go to extremes in order to acquire the wanted supermodel body. But losing a great amount of pounds besides its advantages, it also has some consequences that should be taken into consideration. As an example, loose skin is something that almost all people experience after a long process of losing weight and this is why it is important to drop weight in the safest way.

Side effects

Great amounts of lost pounds in a short time are utterly linked with some nasty effects. Drastic weight loss is going to leave its marks on your body. Stretch marks, loose skin, sagging breast are some on the effects many women face after a drastic weight loss. You will feel satisfied with the fact that finally your dream of getting fit came true in a short period of time, but you will discover while looking in the mirror that the skin hanging over your midriff is not at all as pleasant.


Plastic surgery

Persons who underwent severe weight losses like 40 or 50 pounds in a fast way are facing these physical effects. The only solution for them all is plastic surgery. In this way, loose skin or stretch marks or sagging skin is fixed and the lost pounds will remain history because they won’t leave their marks on your skin anymore. Fortunately, plastic surgery gains more and more credit among people and almost 80 % of them complete the weight loss process with this intervention.

Time-no 1 factor

There is no doubt that other than plastic surgery there are a lot of solutions and answers. The most important thing is to lose weight gradually. The losing weight process should take approximately the same time as putting on weight. True transformation may take a few years, because only time can manage to change and to adjust your body to the new lifetime. 3 pounds lost per month is the proper goal an obese person could set because the entire body is allowed to adjust to the dietary.

Working out

Working out has also a great impact on losing weight because it can only give you positivity and wanted results. Firstly, it accelerated the metabolism and you’ll start losing weight rapidly and secondly the side effects won’t leave their marks on your skin. Loose skin also has to do with age and genetics. The tissues of a young person have a faster capacity of regenerating than those of an older person and this is why Youngsters lose weight faster.

Emotional impact

Besides its physical effects, this process could also have an emotional impact. Many persons are not aware of their limits and losing weight becomes like a disease for them. They tent to become slimmer and eventually reach the other limit and feel like they have to keep going and lose even more pounds. They are struggling with adjusting to their new look because the person they see in the mirror doesn’t look at all like the other one.

Find the motivation to keep going and take your time in this long and stressful process. You will feel powerless and eventually you will want to abandon the fight but set a goal and imagine yourself at the end of the road. A healthy losing weight process is what will give you full satisfaction and great self-esteem.

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