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What you need to know about Uridine: A strong Synaptic Plasticity Supplement

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For those looking for a memory booster and a higher learning capacity, then uridine is highly recommended. It is one of the finest nootropics that enhances formation of new connections by neurons and hence increasing synaptic plasticity.

Uridine is important in long term potentiation; the creation and storage of memories in the human brain. Shortage of uridine in the brain can weaken the formation of memories and contribute to a decrease in synaptic plasticity.

This substance is available in your every day diet from sources like broccoli, beer, tomatoes, sugar cane extract and yeast. However, uridine supplements are recommended to get the right amount that the brain needs to enhance your focus, memory and mood.


  • Enhances memory on a short-term basis, recall and recognition.
  • Known to diminish depression
  • Enhances execution and attention
  • Enhances synapse growth and neuroplasticity
  • Key in improving Mild Alzheimer’s illness


  • Some users have reported cases of fatigue, nausea, headaches and nervousness.
  • To experience the full benefit, one may need a longer onset time

What’s uridine?

It is a substance that occurs naturally after being produced by the liver. Uridine is a neucloside since it contains nucleic acid and has a pyrimidine base. It is also contained in the Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) among the four basic components.

Uridine also helps create one of the three neoclotides required in metabolism regulation. This is achieved because uridine is a substrate that helps in the creation of phospholipids found in the brain.

Research also reveals that uridine can work with Choline to enhance the vigor and cognitive function of the brain. Some other findings state that it can also work in synergy with fatty acids of Omega 3 enhace anti-depressant effects.

How does Uridine work?

Uridine’s main duty is to increase the production of Phosphatidychlorine (PC) in the brain. This substance is useful in cell operations and regulation of enzymes in the brain. The chemical is also responsible for increasing the synthesis of neurites which in turn lead to an increase in synaptic plasticity and an improvement in storing and encoding of memories.

The brain contains billions of neurons that are linked together by a complex network. Synapses can be formed by some of these neurons; they can reach as high as 10000 additional neurons and these connections keep on changing regularly.

Recent studies show that Long Term Potentiation is the method used to store new memories after the formation of a new link between two neurons for the purpose of synaptic transmission. The higher the uridine levels in your brain the higher the synaptogenesis; as a result one has an improved memory and stronger cognitive capability.

Uridine is also responsible for the increase of Dopamine in the brain. It is an important neurotransmitter that works in the brain’s pleasure centre; it shapes the mood and drive of an individual. Dopamine plays a major role in our ability to focus and react to stimuli.

Uridine is also responsible for manufacturing Phosphatidylcholine for the brain.

This also helps increase the production Acetylcholine, an important chemical responsible for synaptic plasticity and memory of the brain. Acetylcholine is linked to discernment, logic, calculations, encoding information and storage of memories.

Benefits of uridine

The users of this supplement enjoy a number of benefits that include improvement of working memory as well as fluid intellect.

Supplementary benefits of uridine include combating depression as well as slowing the rate at which the brain ages. Some findings even suggest that Uridine can be useful in at preventing some types of dementia that include Alzheimer’s disease.

The users of the supplement also enjoy improvements in their mood and a higher sense of drive. As a result there is bound to be a reduction in stress, OCD signs and nervousness. The supplement may also lead to healthier brain cells because it works on lipid membranes that are a component of the cell membrane.

Uridine is much more effective when used together with choline. Some of the long term effects of uridine include higher intelligence and maximum performance of the brain.

How safe is Uridine?

This is an exceptionally safe supplement and it comes as no surprise that many users tolerate it very well. This is simply because it is a compound that is readily available in our diets and also synthesized by our bodies in small amounts.

Some findings suggest that the supplement can result in reduction of Vitamin B12 in the body. To prevent this, users are recommended to consume supplements of B9 and B12 alongside Uridine.

Some reported side effects may include anxiety, weariness and cases gastrointestinal discomfort.

It is recommended that individuals should take a daily multi-vitamin that contains other B-complex vitamins also essential in the performance and health of the brain.

How to use Uridine

Uridine can be used as a supplement on its own although it is ideally taken in a stack together with other nootropics. Health specialists recommend a dosage of between 500mg and 2g per day. Most of the users that use this supplement for the purpose of nootropics consume a dose of 1gram per day.

It is recommended that uridine should be used together with a good source of choline. Some of the excellent sources of choline include: Alpha GPC, CDP Choline as well as Centrophenoxine.





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