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Why take off make- up every night

Written by Marsha

Make up is very good since it enhances our looks and raises our self-esteems. This make up is made of chemicals which are so reactive with our skins and may damage our skins if kept for a long duration. If left unremoved they may have tremendous effects on one’s skin. They may make someone appear old than the age suggests, have pimples, wrinkles, acnes and skin allergies. Therefore it is advisable to take off make up every night to avoid these effects associated with long term retention of make-up. To answer this question, I tried simplifying why it is important to take off make up with the following ways.

To avoid having a dry skin

A human skin is composed of pores that are meant for sebum production. When one applies make-ups, they tend to block the pores for this matter sleeping with make-up hinders the skin from breathing and the repair process become almost impossible. This makes the skin to dry up and appear to be worked up.

To avoid eye infection

It is necessary to remove make-up such as eye pencil, mascaras and eye shadow because they contain dangerous chemicals which might be harmful to our eyes. Eyes are very delicate organs within the body since they have the thinnest skin which is very susceptible to chemicals and may eventually dries up leading to formation of wrinkles around the eye region. This chemicals can lead to allergies, eye irritation and eventually may destroy eyelashes as they tend to appear thinner and eyebrows may also weaken

To maintain a young and soft look

Make up chemicals may penetrate the skin making it hard to breath and thus hindering the repair process when left unremoved throughout day and night. They tend to damage the skin structure and prohibits production of collagen which is good in keeping the skin healthy. There may also be no free movement of air through the skin and pollutants such as dirt may stick on the skin making it susceptible to dangerous radicle elements which later damages the skin. The skin looks dull and dry and full of wrinkles. Therefore taking off make up gives help to get rid of harmful radicles thus minimizing skin damage

To avoid acne and pimples formation

Make -up tend to clog the skin pores if not removed every night. This may lead to black like’s things appearing on the skin causing the formation of acne. The blocked pores may also leading to appearance of pimples. This may also attribute to skin irritation and skin allergies especially when skin dries up

make up

To avoid health problems and lips damages

When you apply lipstick it is advisable to get rid of it before sleeping to avoid ingesting the chemical contained in that lipstick that may be harmful to your body. The chemicals may also clog the lip skin they causing it to chap and dry up. Make up makes the skin pores clogged and thus the skin appears dirty and this allows passage for infections so avoid all this it is advisable one should take off make up daily

In conclusion, getting rid of make-up before sleeping is good. Since the skin is free from harmful from radicles, free from dirt that could otherwise cause allergic reactions also the skin breath freely allowing cell repairing process easier as possible. The skin and your lips soften thus posting a young and elegant look. No matter how tired or lazy you might be make-up removal should always be your number one priority so as to avoid long term skin damages.

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