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Why Use Coluracetam as A Nootropic

Written by Marsha

Coluracetam is partly similar to other Racetams having near similar characteristics but with a number of distinguishing factors that important. It works by increasing on the amount of Choline that is taken up by the body into the neurons even after being damaged or impaired. A number of research studies have indicated and shown evidence that Coluracetam majorly affects the visual processing parts of the brain. It is likely that a number of medical officers would adopt Coluracetam as a product that assists in the prevention and treatment of optical nerve and retinal injuries. The name of this product comes from the effects it has on improving eyesight which are noticeable.

Even with limited distribution of this Nootropic in the market, a number of individuals have been able to experiment the product and have recorded positive results. This therefore leads us to a number of questions that are key in determining whether you should resolve to the use of this Nootropic. How does this Nootropic work? What are the benefits? What is the appropriate dosage that is recommended in order to avoid any side effects?


Benefits of Coluracetam.

Coluracetam offers a long term improvement of the individuals with impaired memory. With the current human experiments being limited, the animal tests and experiments carried out serve as the best evidence to the benefits Coluracetam has.

  • Tests conducted on rats with regards to this product have shown an improvement in the memory. An example of these tests is the commonly used maze test. This effect is considered to be long term as the rats memory continued to improve even after exhaustion of the supplement from the blood stream.
  • The second phase of tests carried out on this supplement have shown that the product is effective in the treatment of people suffering from general anxiety disorders. The effects were recorded on patients who had not previously used any depressants. Thirty six percent of the individuals that participated in in the experiments saw a drastic improvement in tests that can be used in determining the levels of depression.
  • Coluracetam is beneficial in the reduction of anxiety and stress levels while enhancing contentment and deep peace feelings.
  • This product is useful as it helps in potentiating Nootropic effects like cognitive enhancement, decision making and memory improvement among many more. It has the ability to enhance vision when used or accompanied with other Racetams.


Action Mechanisms.

The main or primary mechanism of action of this Racetam is as an uptake enhancer for choline. This therefore improves on the efficiency and levels of choline in the human brain. The use of choline process is ideal to the synthesis Acetylcholine which is a powerful neurotransmitter found in the brain. The chemical element plays a very crucial role when it comes to improvements on different cognitive processes.

The second mechanism of action of the Coluracetam is by potentiating receptors found in the brain for glutamate known as AMPA. Your neurons would time after time need to develop new connections that would be a representation of newer memories getting its abilities from glutamate which is almost near to being the most central neurotransmitter for synaptic plasticity.

The Dosage of Coluracetam.

There currently does not exist any medical dosages of this product that is recommended due to novelty of the product. A number of studies have however indicated that a general daily dose of about 200mg can be deemed helpful for an average individual. It is of cause obvious that this dose would depend on a number of determining factors depending on your reasons for the intake of this supplement in the first place.

Taking three doses of 100mg Coluracetam has been seen to be more effective for individuals with major depressive disorder as well as for those suffering from a general anxiety disorder. In the event you have a history with one of the Racetams which are much stronger, you would realize that taking a dose of 200mg on a daily basis would be just as effective.

On the other hand, if you do not have any experience with other Racetams in the market, you would find out that a starting with a smaller dose of as little as 20mg can give you positive effects. It is only after developing familiarity with this supplement that you can be able to increase on this dose with time.


The Toxicity and Side Effects.

There is not much information in existence with regards to the toxicity of this product due to the limited number of studies that are conducted currently. However, given the similarity in methods of action and structure, it would seem that the supplement is safe relatively. The brain cells do not show any signs of negativity to a daily three time Racetam dose of up to 80mg.

By using other Racetams as a guiding factor, we can as well assume that the most common side effect that is likely to be encountered is the headache. In order to counteract or reduce on this side effect, you can stack this supplement with CDP Choline or Alpha GPC

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