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Workout types of hairstyles

Written by Marsha

Every woman faces the problem of how to do her hair while working out. Tired of the regular ponytail and want to feel more stylish even when going to the gym? Because we know that a long hair is very uncomfortable to work out with here are some trendy hairstyles that will accentuate the beauty of your hair and you will also get rid of the flyaways and tangles.

Side French braids

This childish look braids are perfect for jogging or for yoga sessions. They are actually very easy to recreate. Separate the hair into two sections and focus on one side. Take a side of the hair that you are working on and separate it into three strands. Start regularly braiding it by adding in hair from the outside to each strand as you braid. This is a basic French braid that you will continue to braid until you ran out of hair to work with and at that point you will continue to braid a regular three strand braid. Tie the loose ends with an elastic band and do the exact same thing on the other side. In order to add a little more thickness to it, pull off the ends of the braids.

Tucked braid

If you want a natural look and a loose hairstyle, try this braid. This is super easy to do and even if it’s not at all complicated to recreate it looks very stylish. Start by creating a regular French braid by splitting the top section into three and adding in hair from the outside to each section as you braid and secure the braid with an elastic. Roll up the bottom of your braid and tuck underneath and secure it in place with some bobby pins. This is an easy hairstyle keeping all your hair off the neck and it is also suitable for all types of hair even for the curly one.

The Run Braid

As its name suggests this braid is best for runners. Because the hair is very secured in places, no tangles will annoy you during your workout and you will also prevent the hair from getting wet because of the sweat. Begin a regular French braid on the top of the head and then continue with a regular braid. With the rest of the hair create a ponytail right up when the other braid ends using all the hair including the previous braid. Separate the unbraided hair into three sections and braid each one of them. So now you’ll have a pony tail with one big and three smaller braids. Take 2 of them in the left hand and the other 2 in the right hand and just twist them. When you get to the end secure it with an elastic band.

These three simple braids are meant to help you while working out. Forget about the regular ponytail and bun and embrace the beauty of these cute hairstyles.

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